'Last Man Standing': Kristin Picks Godparents for New Baxter Baby

On this week's episode of Last Man Standing, Kristin and Ryan told Mandy and Kyle they will be their new baby's godparents. Of course, the couple took this new job very seriously, more seriously than Kristin and Ryan were prepared for. This was the latest big step for Kristin and Ryan, who announced they were expecting in the season premiere earlier this month.

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In "Bedtime Story," Kristin (Amanda Fuller) and Ryan (Jordan Masterson) let Mandy (Molly McCook) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) they were their first choice for godparents to the new Baxter baby. They quickly accepted the gig.

"I thought aunt was a good job, but godparents... a parent sent by God," Mandy said.

"I don't know anything about being a godfather," Kyle added. "I guess I'll have to watch that movie The Godfather!"

Kristin assured the two there was no research necessary and they would make for great grandparents. Mandy was so excited that she later jumped ahead and decorated the baby's nursery. This caused an issue, because Mandy wanted to decorate the nursery in pink, but Ryan wanted to go gender-neutral. Kristin yelled at them, and told them to solve the issue.

Mandy and Ryan went to the "godfather," which turned out to be Kyle pretending to be Marlon Brando. Ryan reminded Mandy that this is her baby. Mandy became annoyed, wondering why they named her godmother in the first place. Kristin knew though — Ryan previously told her that the greatest gift they could give their baby is the "secret that is inside Mandy, the thing that makes her so alive, the thing that makes her so in love with the world."

This speech gave Mandy and Ryan the confidence to learn to work together on designing the nursery.

Kristin announced she is pregnant in the season premiere, and fans later learned the baby is a girl. The pregnancy was written into the show because Amanda Fuller was pregnant in real life during production.

When Kristin revealed to the family she was pregnant, the news hurt Mandy, who was used to learning everything from her sister first. However, Kristin later told Mandy she did not want to break the news too early because the last time she was pregnant, she suffered a miscarriage.

Elsewhere in "Bedtime Story," Mike (Tim Allen) and Vanessa (Nancy Travis) clashed over her snoring. At one point, the couple tried to sleep in separate bedrooms, but it did not make either of them happy. Mike solved the issue by getting a fancy bed that changes sleeping positions and a sound machine.


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Photo credit: Michael Becker/Fox