'King of the Hill' Revival Negotiations in the Works

A King of the Hill revival is in 'hot negotiations' involving co-creators Mike Judge and Greg [...]

A King of the Hill revival is in "hot negotiations" involving co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels, writer Brent Forrester revealed in a Reddit AMA Tuesday, as first reported by Tech Radar. The animated series, which originally aired on Fox for 13 seasons, originally had a revival teased back in 2017, but talks ultimately didn't go anywhere. However, Forrester shared on Reddit that negotiations have gotten rolling once again when asked about the possibility of a reboot in the near future.

"I am sure Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will murder me for sharing this but… HELL YES. They are in hot negotiations to bring back King of the Hill," he wrote. "The Trump administration made it suddenly very relevant again. The characters have all aged 15 years. The project is sooooo good. Okay I've said too much [happy face emoticon]"

In a March 2020 interview with ComicBook.com, Daniels revealed that both he and Judge were on board with a reboot back in 2017, and had even come up with an all-new idea for the show's direction before Fox ultimately shut down negotiations. "Well, Mike and I got together a couple of years ago, and came up with a reboot for King of the Hill," Daniels tells us. "At the time, I think that Fox didn't want to go ahead with this, at the level that it probably deserved. We thought that they would be excited to just order it."

While at the time, Daniels said there was "no plan" for the revival, especially with the studio being sold to Disney, he did tease that the idea he and Judge came up with would be a hit. "But we do have a plan for it and it's pretty funny. So maybe one day," he said at the time. Rebooting the animated series following Hank Hill and his family would certainly be a simpler task, at least logistically, than some of the other shows Daniels would go on to lead, such as The Office.

"I mean, [King of the Hill] was a wonderful show to work on," he said at the time. "Yeah, that would be a super fun reboot. I feel like that is easier to reboot because you can get all the characters and they all look the same. ...It would be something that you could decide what happens to them, and you wouldn't have to be going, 'Oh well, that guy's not available.' I mean, they're all available because they're cartoon characters."