Watch 'Jeopardy' Contestants Hilariously Fumble Football Category

In an effort to gear up for the Super Bowl, Jeopardy! added a football category in a recent episodes but the contestants hilariously fumbled through it.

Working their way through the five separate questions, none of the players could answer any of them.

When the final clue was revealed, host Alex Trebek sarcastically quipped, "If you guys ring in and get this one, I will die."

In a tweet on the shows official Twitter account sharing the video, a caption read, "Fun fact: Our contestants answered as many clues in this category as the [Cleveland Browns] had wins this season."

As Super Bowl LII continues to approach many are speculating on who might win, and now we know who baby hippo Fiona picks in the big game.

In a clip from her Facebook page, The Fiona Show, Fiona was given some lettuce on two boxes. One was decorated for the Philadelphia Eagles and one decorated for the New England Patriots.

A caption on the post read, "Superstar makes Super Prediction - See who Fiona picks to win the big game - does she go with the New England Patriots, the favorite to win, or the Philadelphia Eagles , one underdog rooting for another?"

Fiona eventually made her way over to the boxes and gobbled up the lettuce on the Eagles box, sealing in her prediction for Super Bowl champs.

We can confirm that Super Bowl festivities this year will kick-off Sunday, Feb. 4, 6:30 p.m. ET on NBC. As aforementioned, the match is between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, who have won the championship five times since 2002 and are the current reigning champs.

New England has played in a total of seven Super Bowl games in the past 16 years and they have only lost twice. Both times it was to the New York Giants, in 2008 and again in 2012.

Back in 2005, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots faced off against one another in this very same match, with the Patriots emerging victorious.

A new report estimates that Americans will wager $4.76 billion on Super Bowl LII.

Interestingly, sports betting is currently only legal in the state of Nevada and only about 3% of that $4.76 billion will actually be wagered in the state. Rather, many of the bets will be made with local bookmakers and offshore books, according to ESPN.


Last year, gamblers bet a record $138.4 million on the Super Bowl face-off between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons.