'Jane the Virgin': Rose Twist Leaves Everyone in Danger

Jane The Virgin saw its titular character worrying about her criminal nemesis' actions in the [...]

Jane The Virgin saw its titular character worrying about her criminal nemesis' actions in the past, but enacting her plan to escape prison in the first place proved to be the hour's biggest shocker. With only a couple episodes left until the series finale, The CW dramedy "rose" the stakes in the final seconds of "Chapter Ninety-Seven" when the evil Rose escaped police custody, just seconds before Jane was set to confront her for all the evil she has done.

The episode began with Jane (Gina Rodriguez) excitedly taking the first meeting with her new book editor, who said the while her novel was amazing, it was still missing a big part relating to the criminal parts of the story. The editor said that having the evil deeds' of the criminal mastermind end in the middle of the novel made the story seem unfinished, and she suggested Jane change the storyline so the main character's son would have been switched at birth after Sin Rostro kidnapped him shortly after his birth.

With the story being mostly based on her life, the suggestion left Jane filled with paranoia over if her son Mateo was truly her biological son. Going to Rafael (Justin Baldoni) with her concern only seemed to make the issue worse — given the family's history with Rose's (Bridget Regan) past criminal actions. In the end, they decided the best thing to do was to order a DNA test on their son to know for sure if something had happened.

Meanwhile, Rogelio (Jaime Camil) was busy trying to help River (Brooke Shields) reconnect with her daughter Pond (The Middle's Eden Scher) in an attempt to save his pilot for "This Is Mars" after his co-start threatened to quit when her role seemed to get reduced.

The scheme involved "Daughter Whisperer" Rogelio invite Pond and re-enact the night when she was a young girl and she saw her mother receive an Emmy and forget to thank her. In the moment, River gave a new speech honoring her daughter as her true inspiration and it allowed for mother and daughter to rekindle their broken relationship.

The mended relationship brings trouble, however, as River tells Rogelio near the end of the episode she has decided to move production of "This Is Mars" to New York, meaning he will have to choose between his family and his career.

Later in the episode, Jane and Rafael receive the tests results confirming Mateo is indeed their biological son. The happy news, and an argument between Jane and Alba (Ivonne Coll), allow Jane to crack the missing piece from her novel. She realizes in order to give the story a proper ending, the heroine has to confront the criminal so she decides to visit Rose in real life as well.

Unbeknown to Jane, however, Rose enacts her escape plan and stabs herself as Jane is en route to the prison. After she stabs herself and is sent to the hospital in an ambulance, she causes it to wreck and gets plenty of her minions to use her face to try and stop them from capturing her.

The police tell Jane later that Rafael's sister Luisa (Yara Martinez) was working with the police to stop Rose's plan, but their plan failed the elusive criminal managed to escape anyways.

With only two episodes — and a celebratory special — left on the show, it seems we will be getting a dramatic ending after all. Jane The Virgin airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.