'Jane the Virgin' Ends With Big Reveals, Tears and the Narrator's Identity

Jane The Virgin reached its happy with a beautiful series finale, revealing the last secrets and [...]

Jane The Virgin reached its happy with a beautiful series finale, revealing the last secrets and twists before giving Jane Villanueva and Rafael Solano their perfect wedding day. The CW telenovela dramedy aired its final episode Wednesday in a final ode to the beloved characters and stories, also revealing lingering mysteries, such as the identity of the show's narrator.

Spoilers ahead for Jane The Virgin Series Finale

"Chapter One Hundred" followed the days before Jane (Gina Rodriguez) and Rafael's (Justin Baldoni) highly anticipated wedding day, and the big changes the Villanueva family faced before the big day. The episode kickstarted the tears early with Rogelio (Jaime Camil) and Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) revealing they were moving to New York before production on Rogelio's series This Is Mars started.

Through tears and emotional goodbyes, Jane, Xiomara and Alba (Ivonne Coll) reminisced on the big moments they shared when it was just the three of them and how much their lives have changed, leading them to their separation.

In the midst of wedding preparations, Jane worked on finishing her book after receiving the massive book deal in the penultimate episode. Jane admitted to Rafael she struggled with the perfect ending for the novel, but enjoyed early success as some of favorite authors - including Isabel Allende - were set to consider writing blurbs for her book.

The show left some of its biggest mysteries to be revealed in the final episode, including the identity of Rafael's birth parents. Rather than turning the story into another twisted storyline, Jane and Luisa (Yara Martinez) discovered they had been normal people, who owned a bakery and died many years before. Rafael was surprised by the outcome, while revealing he was grateful the twist was not "like a telenovela."

The episode also paid tribute to the beloved series' pilot episode after Jane and Rafael both find themselves late to their wedding ceremony after a complication with her book, leading Jane to rent out a public bus and using it to get ready for the event and drive her entire family — and some other passengers — to the big day.

The wedding worked to seal the couple's love story with a tearjerker sequence in which they could barely speak during their vows, resorting to reading them silently to themselves and fighting Alba to hurry up so they could have their final kiss.

Petra (Yael Groblas) also got her happy ending when J.R. (Rosario Dawson) showed to the ceremony and told her mother's death inspired her to go for what she wanted and try to make their relationship work once again. As for the elusive narrator of the series? In a quick moment, Mateo (Elias Janssen) spoke in the wedding and said his other grandmother (played by Rita Moreno) told him he had a bright future in voiceover acting. At that moment the narrator dropped his Latin accent and revealed himself as Jane's son, as many fans had theorized throughout the show.

The episode ended with Jane and Rafael sitting alone after the ceremony reflecting on their journey. When Rafael asks Jane how she ended up finishing her book, she revealed the main character's story would be turned into a telenovela, before she gave the camera a wink.

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