James Franco Shuts Down Tommy Wiseau From Talking During Golden Globes

James Franco took home the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Comedy) on Sunday, and he brought a special guest up on stage with him.

Franco won for his performance as Tommy Wiseau in the film The Disaster Artist. Franco brought up Wiseau, who famously made the "so good it's bad" film The Room back in 2003. Wiseau walked up and tried to speak into the microphone, but Franco immediately shut him down.

Franco went on to tell a story of Wiseau, using his famously mysterious accent, of how Wiseau decided to make it in Hollywood by producing, writing and starring in his own film.

The movie, as depicted both in The Disaster Artist and the book of the same name, was notorious for being awful. But it did earn a cult following for being so bad it was easy to quote and laugh at.


Fans watching at home couldn't help but laugh at Franco halting Wiseau.