HGTV Plans to Expand 'Brady Bunch' House

Now that HGTV owns the iconic house used on The Brady Bunch, the network is not blowing the chance to turn its restoration efforts into a TV show. In fact, the network is reportedly planning on expanding it.

According to TMZ's sources, HGTV wants to use more space on the lot the house sits on. The house itself is 2,400 square feet, and the network could add as much as 4,000 square feet to the back of it.

The interior now looks nothing like the house did during The Brady Bunch and needs to be completely gutted. Sources told TMZ that HGTV plans to recreate the 1970s look from the show.

After the expansion is done and the TV special filmed, HGTV plans to sell the home, TMZ reports. Hotels in the area are interested in buying it and could turn the house into an off-site guest suite for those looking to spend an extra special night in a Brady room. TMZ reports that the house could sell for $4 million to $6 million, much more than other homes in the neighborhood.

The home went up for sale in July, for the first time in 45 years. It was previously owned by George and Violet McCallister, who bought it for $61,000 in 1973. Their children decided to put the house on the market, catching the attention of HGTV and *NSYNC's Lance Bass.

When the house went on the market, the price tag was $1.855 million. But the price went up, and Bass put in a $3 million bid. Unfortunately for Bass, HGTV wanted it a little bit more and outbid the singer.

Bass was not happy with the development, taking to Instagram on Aug. 5 to share the story of a "shady Brady." He claimed he was told his bid was accepted, but then the agent told his team that due to "unforseen circumstances," the house went to a "corporate buyer."

"I feel used but most importantly I'm hurt and saddened by this highly questionable outcome. I just hope it is not demolished. Thanks for all the love and support," Bass wrote.

Later, TMZ reported that Bass is in talks with HGTV to have a role in the TV special about the house.

The special could turn out to be an episode of Property Brothers, since Jonathan Scott tweeted his interest.

On Aug. 4, before HGTV bought the house, Scott revealed that Bass outbid him. "I'm a little bummed that you out bid me (seriously) as I really wanted that house, but I'm very excited you're taking on this project. Let me know if you want any help," Scott wrote.

"The door will always be open to you and your family," Bass replied.

"Appreciate it. If you need any design help, give me a ring," Scott tweeted back.

On Aug. 7, Bass said he was happy to hear HGTV bought it, and Scott said he again would love to work on the house.

"Would LOVE to work with you," Scott wrote. "This is such an iconic home and it really played an important part of my childhood reinforcing strong family values."


The Brady Bunch originally ran on ABC from 1969 to 1974 and remains one of the most popular television shows in American history.

Photo credit: PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images