'Grey's Anatomy': Meredith Begins Her 'Season of Love' Journey

Grey's Anatomy promised Meredith Grey would be looking for love in season 15, but first she had to realize she wanted it.

The two-hour season premiere began with the infamous scene from the promo featuring Meredith in bed with Andrew DeLuca, though it was merely part of a dream sequence featuring men she subconsciously is lusting after, and can't seem to shake those thoughts away.

As the attending surgeons try to get Bailey to appoint them interim chief of surgery, given that she wants to step away from managerial duties temporarily and Teddy Altman ended up rejecting the job, Meredith attempts to sway Bailey to pick her so she can bury her growing desires for companionship with more work.

At the ridiculous argument, Bailey simply walks away and does not address the topic further. Later, she is runs into DeLuca and he attempts to apologize for drunkenly kissing her at Jo and Alex's wedding — though she spends the entire time reliving her vivid dream to notice what he's saying.

After he walks away, Meredith begins to treat a patient — admitted after her heart condition caused to pass out while driving and run over a cyclist — who overheard the interaction with DeLuca and presses Meredith further on her feelings.

"You don't want to kiss him again?" the patient asks.

"He's my student," Meredith says, which is not exactly a "no."

"Well all right, but you want somebody to kiss you. I can tell, it's my superpower," she responds, before revealing she's a professional matchmaker.

The matchmaker attempts to convince Meredith to let her set her up with some of her clients, as she is young and deserves love. Meredith is hesitant and says she's not looking for that right now. But another set of dirty dreams later in the episode seem to indicate otherwise.

Later in the premiere, Meredith stands outside of the patient's room with Jackson and one of the interns and she talks about her conversation with the matchmaker. Jackson agrees with Meredith that she doesn't need her help as she is "married to her work," which Meredith denies at first, leading to an awkward encounter with new doctor, Link (Chris Carmack), who seems interested in her.

As she mulls over Jackson's comments, she finally allows herself to talk to Link, who reveals his real name is Atticus Lincoln and Meredith is left shocked.

"Your parents named you after two of the greatest heroes of our time, both literary and historical, and you call yourself Link... O.K.," and she walks away, realizing she has no interest in him romantically.

When she goes back to see the matchmaker, Meredith finds her feeling heartbroken after the woman she hit with her car died, and she refuses to seek a new heart transplant to help with her symptom.

Meredith then begs her to fight her disease, because she is married to her work and really wants her help changing that. The episode ends with the two ladies starting to talk about who Meredith might be set up with.

Are you excited to see Meredith venture into the dating world? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.