'Grey's Anatomy': Major Character Returns to Hospital for Medical Emergency, and Fans Were Worried

Meredith Grey returned to Grey Sloan Memorial, but not for the reason Grey's Anatomy fans wanted. The ABC medical drama featured Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) returned to her old place of work once again, though this time as the concerned family member of a patient. The episode also followed as Meredith defied the conditions of her legal trouble as the medical emergency prevented her from showing up to court.

Spoilers ahead for Grey's Anatomy Season 16, Episode 5: "Breathe Again"

The episode began with Meredith having an anxious nightmare about the future of her career, as she faced a court hearing for skipping her community service during last week's hour. The doctor is jolted awake by her daughter Zola, who complains she is feeling sick.

While the other kids are having breakfast, Meredith notices her eldest daughter is still feeling sick, and she throws up on her shoes. Meredith rushes her to the hospital, knowing her history of spina bifida could mean she might need surgery.

Unable to go in, Meredith is left to wait in the waiting room for an update. While she waits, she keeps getting messages from her lawyer telling her she needs to show up if Zola is O.K. Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) sits and comforts Meredith, but she chooses to think the worst for both her legal trouble and Zola.

As she contemplates her problems, Meredith starts to complain about DeLuca's reaction to the Zola crisis. She says he is kind and is trying, but he doesn't get how she is feeling. Amelia and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) tell her she is being crazy, but Meredith just thinks her relationship might not have a future.

Meredith gets an update that the surgery is going well and starts to rethink her opinions on DeLuca. She freaks out thinking about all the tragedy she has lived through in the past, at that point Koracick arrives and tells her Zola is going to be fine.


The episode ends with Meredith comforting Zola after surgery. Her lawyer arrives at the hospital and lets her know she convinced the judge to let her make up her hours. The catch? She has to do so in jail.

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