'Grey's Anatomy' Fans React to Meredith's First Blind Date

Meredith Grey dressed up for her first blind date with guest star Josh Radnor during Thursday's [...]

Meredith Grey dressed up for her first blind date with guest star Josh Radnor during Thursday's Grey's Anatomy, Station 19 crossover episode.

The doctor shocked her co-workers when she showed up to work looking nice, as she is going on her first blind date for lunch. Even DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) seems to notice her wearing makeup and finds himself at a loss for words when she sees her.

"What if I hate him on sight? What's the minimum amount of time this goes?" Meredith asks Alex ahead of her lunch date.

"Assuming your waiter doesn't suck a tight 30 minutes if you don't want to her his feelings," Alex responds. Meredith seems O.K. with those terms. The pair then make a playful bet about how long she'll last on the date.

As doctors work on a patient from a fire, Meredith arrives at a restaurant where she meets John (Radnor) and they both sit at the bar.

"Nice coat, nice purse... the whole thing is working," he awkwardly compliments Meredith.

Later, Meredith finds out John works in software. He is impressed by her position in Grey Sloan. He reveals he works in privacy software, working to make sure people's online information is safe.

"I mean I'm not cutting people's cancer out in my pajamas or anything, but I do what I can..." John adds.

Fans of the ABC medical drama, known to have passionate opinions on Meredith's love life did not hesitate to share their opinions on the How I Met Your Mother alum's debut and his potential relationship with the doctor.

"Not sure how I feel about Ted from HIMYM being Meredith's love interest, but we shall see," one user wrote.

"Ted is out on a date with Meredith, yep this is weird," another user wrote.

The pair then bond about the awkwardness of blind dates, bonding about being "married to their work" and their former partners.

As the date is gong well, she decides that she will move things around at work so she doesn't have to leave, when they both realize that they accidentally found the wrong person at the restaurant. But since their accidental blind date is going well, they decide to ignore their actual dates.

After they let down their respective dates — who also seem to be hitting it off with each other — Meredith and John sneak out of the restaurant. They go on a walk and as they continue to walk, he criticizes single mothers — the one thing that ruined the date. She thanks him for a fun afternoon and they say goodbye.

"He put his foot in his mouth without much urging so it was good of Meredith to walk away. Red flag smacked her dead in the face," one user wrote.

"Kinda happy it didn't work out with him. Meredith is too good for him anyways!!" another user commented.

Ahead of the season 15 premiere, Grey's showrunner Krista Vernoff opened up about Meredith's relationship journey during the "Season of Love."

"I was really interested in seeing someone as beautiful and smart and funny and complex as Meredith actually have to put herself out there," Vernoff said. "It's something that somehow we've never really seen in 15 season of this show."

Her journey started in the season premiere when, after a series of inappropriate dreams featuring DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and Jackson (Jesse Williams), she decided to open herself up to the possibility of love and agreeing to work with a matchmaker patient she was treating.

Radnor is most prominently known for his role of Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother from 2005 to 2014. He most recently starred in the short-lived NBC musical drama Rise.

Did you like Josh Radnor's character or are you still hoping for Scott Speedman to return? Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.