'Grey's Anatomy' Fall Finale: Teddy Finally Tells Owen About Pregnancy

Grey's Anatomy would wait until the hospital is hit with a huge windstorm for Teddy to finally tell Owen her baby news.

After many episodes of running away, avoiding the subject and obstacles getting in the way, Teddy (Kim Raver) finally let her former best friend know that she is expecting a child from their fateful hookup in Germany.

As the strong windstorm picked up in Seattle, Teddy decides to go to the hospital to help with the incoming traumas and he runs into Maggie, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone).

They still haven't been able to find Betty after she ran away. Owen asks her how long she will be in town before he walks away.

"Their kids' been missing for three days, I couldn't dump anymore on them," Teddy says, justifying to Maggie why she still hasn't broken the news.

The windstorm brings a massive influx of patients to the emergency room and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gives Teddy permission to help with all the people in pain. Later, Betty (Peyton Kennedy) shows up in the ER after three days away, as Teddy and Owen helped treat an elderly man.

Betty, who got a cut from a tree branch as she walked back to the hospital, claims to be back for good after her bender. Teddy watches from afar as Owen comforts the young girl when Amelia walks away to a surgery.

Later, Teddy and Owen are scrubbing in for surgery and they make polite conversation when she starts to tell him.

"Not here, after. Can you grab a cup of coffee after surgery?" she asks, walking into the operating room before he can ask for details. He tries to bring up the conversation in surgery but Teddy tells him it's not the right time.

After they successfully save the patient, who miraculously had no damage from his impalement, Teddy tells him in front of everyone.

"I'm pregnant, with your baby. I'm sorry I waited so long," she says before she is called to do a hear transplant elsewhere.

"Congratulations?" Jackson (Jesse Williams) says, leaving Owen stunned.

After the surgery, Jackson tells Owen to not feel bad about having waited so long to find out about the baby. As the episode ends, Owen gets into the elevator with Teddy and tries to confront Teddy about hiding the pregnancy. Then Amelia gets in the elevator and the episode ends with the three of them stuck in an elevator together with a patient after a blackout.

Teddy first walked back into the Grey Sloan Memorial in the season 14 finale, hoping to get a job at the hospital, later revealing to a patient that she was pregnant.

In the season 15 premiere, she arrives at Owen's house fully expecting to let him in on her happy news when she is surprised by the fact he and Amelia are living together and raising a baby boy and his drug addict teen mom. Teddy then freaked out fearing Owen's reaction to her news and how it could affect Owen's life, so she decides to call the whole thing off and go back to Germany.

Complications in her pregnancy, however, stop her from flying out of Seattle and she is forced to share her secret with Maggie (Kelly McCreary), who much later tells Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) what is going on. After Meredith spends a day with Teddy talking about the joys of motherhood and that she can't possibly keep her child away from its father forever, Teddy decides to finally go and tell Owen.

After arriving at his house, Teddy is about to tell Owen the news when Amelia barges in and announces that Betty (Peyton Kennedy) has run away. Teddy volunteers to help them look for the teenage, and after spending the day looking, they are unsuccessful.


That night, Teddy attempts to once again tell Owen but his baby starts crying and she takes it as a sign that maybe she shouldn't once again. The rollercoaster storyline left many fans wishing she would just tell him already.

How will Owen react to being a father of two so quickly? Grey's Anatomy returns with new episodes in 2019 on ABC.