Ellen Pompeo Gets Into It With 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans on Twitter Who Accuse Her of Disrespect

Grey's Anatomy fans are not letting Ellen Pompeo down easy when it comes to the surprising departures of Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew. After being accused of disrespecting her former castmates, the actress was quick to fire back.

Earlier Sunday, Pompeo reacted to the strong response from Grey's fans, who loved the two actresses and their characters.

"We [are] grateful all of you are so passionate but if you knew these two women the way I know them they would not approve of all this nastiness," Pompeo wrote. "They both are super shiny happy people. I know you're angry but [your] representation couldn't be further from who these women actually are."

One fan accused her of being disrespectful by referring to Capshaw and Drew as "these women."

"I really respect you and your work, Ellen, but I think your statements are coming a little late and are not helping the situation, even less so with you referring to them as 'these women,'" the fan wrote. "People are unhappy and justifiably so. [Drew] & [Capshaw] deserve some respect."

"Please don't accuse me of being disrespectful it doesn't matter what I say nothing I say is ok so I won't say anything at all anymore," Pompeo replied.

Another fan asked if they were "allowed" to be angry at this "injustice."

"You are but spreading acceptance and love is our message with Grey's and what all of the actors try to do with our performances on this show," Pompeo replied.

Capshaw and Drew's sudden departures were announced on Thursday. Capshaw has spent 10 seasons on the show, playing Dr. Arizona Robbins. Drew spent nine seasons on the show as Dr. April Kepner. Although producers and Pompeo insisted that the move had nothing to do with Pompeo's salary increase, fans were quick to connect the two. Deadline also appeared to connect the two in its initial reporting of the departures. The site later tweeted that Pompeo's contract and the two actresses leaving were not connected.

In January, Pompero was signed to star in two more seasons of the show, with her salary jumping to $20 million a season. She also agreed to an ownership stake in the show and picked up a signing bonus.

"I'm a big girl. [Deadline] can take shots at me if they want but to the fans please don't fall into that trap. This is above my pay grade," Pompeo tweeted Thursday. "[It's] unfortunate that [Deadline] chooses to try to pit women against eachother on #InternationalWomensDay #shameonyounotme."

"The decision to make changes to our cast was a creative one," showrunner Krista Vernoff tweeted. "The only thing as constant on Grey's Anatomy as Ellen Pompeo is our penchant for reinvention. It is a part of our success and what keeps the show exciting. We love these actresses and we love these characters and it felt true and right creatively to wrap up their stories. And that is the whole story."

Grey's Anatomy is now in its 14th season and airs on ABC Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.


Photo credit: ABC