'Grand Hotel' Canceled After Just 1 Season on ABC

ABC is checking out of its summer series, Grand Hotel. The network announced the cancellation of its new show, starring Demian Bichir and Roselyn Sanchez, after one season. The show featured an upstairs/downstairs story about the scandals and secrets of the Mendoza family and the staff of their hotel in Miami Beach.

The series was executive produced by Eva Longoria and featured several appearances from the Desperate Housewives star. Longoria also directed an episode of the series.

The show was based on a Spanish period telenovela of the same name, TVLine first reported. ABC president Karey Burke pretty much confirmed the cancellation months before the announcement during the Television Crtics' Association Summer press tour after saying she "wish[ed] the ratings were a bit stronger."

Bichir and Roselyn Sanchez starred as Satiago and Gigi Mendoza, owners of the famous Miami hotel the Riviera Grand. The cast also included Denyse Tontz and Bryan Craig as Alicia and Javi, Santiago's children; Lincoln Younes as Danny, a waiter working undercover to find his missing sister; Wendy Raquel Robinson as Helen, the hotel's head of staff; Feliz Ramirez and Justin Adorno as Caroline and Yoli, Gigi's daughters; and Anne Winters as Ingrid, one of the hotel's housekeepers.

The news comes a few weeks after the series aired is eventful Season 1 finale. The episode revealed Danny's sister was killed by Helen's husband, who conveniently died of cancer shortly after the truth came to light. Javi made a new hot friend with benefits, who posed a threat to his already unstable sobriety. Things got more complicated with the reveal she is Ingrid's mother.

Santiago learned the truth about being Jason's father, which was also the real reason behind his first wife's shocking suicide many years before. The episode ended on a gigantic cliffhanger, which will never be resolved now, when a mysterious assailant shot Santiago in the basement of the hotel leaving his life in the balance.

Chris Warren, who played Jason in the series, spoke with PopCulture.com back in July teasing his character's journey to discovering his real identity.

"Jason's really so connected with everyone that he has a lot of different storylines," he said at the time. "As the episodes come out, a lot of those things begin to develop, so I'm excited for you to see what's coming up."


"I think as the episodes come out a lot of things get revealed and a lot of things become more clear," he added. "We start realizing that a lot of the secrets and a lot of the mysteries that are going on with everyone else are actually more [connected to] us than we realize."

You can stream Grand Hotel on Hulu.