Emmys 2018: Former 'Bachelorette' Kaitlyn Bristowe Suffers Major Wardrobe Malfunction

Can someone help a Bachelorette out? The 70th Primetime Emmy Awards turned into a wardrobe nightmare for Bachelorette alum Kaitlyn Bristowe when the dress she was wearing split almost all the way up the back!

The Off The Vine host took to Twitter Monday to reveal that her Emmys experience had gone really wrong, writing, "Sitting in the emmys and my zipper just busted and my butt is exposed and I can't get up and I dunno what to do."

Adding insult to injury, she added, was the fact that she initially sat down in the wrong seat, and was being asked to move by people who didn't understand the kind of show she would be giving if she did stand up to correct the error.

"Here's the kicker. I'm in the wrong seat and people are asking me to move," she wrote, later adding, "I either stood for Betty White and showed my a—, or stayed seated and looked like an a—."

And just in case her Twitter followers didn't believe her, Bristowe shared a photo of the split gown on Twitter, making a grimace and showing how the gown had popped open in the funny photo.

"Proof. It all opens up when I stand up. Right down to mid crack," she wrote.

Luckily, the reality TV personality had a pretty good sense of humor about the whole situation, so fans felt comfortable making jokes about what surely was pretty awkward.

"Frantically refreshing Twitter every 5 seconds to see how this ends... WE NEED BUMPDATES ," one fan wrote.

"Get drunk," another suggested.

"Reason number 17364738 you are my fav person of all time," a third encouraged her.


Hopefully Bristowe can track down someone with a wrap to borrow, or maybe a member of the Fab Five!

Photo credit: Twitter/Kaitlyn Bristowe