Dwayne Johnson to Produce New Docuseries for BET

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia, by way of their Seven Bucks Productions company, has been ordered [...]

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia, by way of their Seven Bucks Productions company, has been ordered a six-episode docuseries for BET called Finding Justice.

Finding Justice will tell the stories of heroes, leaders, and agents of change in African American communities across the United States by highlighting the fight that it takes to enact positive changes in America. The docuseries is being billed a blend of hardline investigative journalism as well as powerful documentary-style storytelling, that will focus on the people that are impacting the communities inside Black America.

Scott Mills, President of BET Networks, told Deadline that this story will challenge a lot of the views that many people have of what is impacting the communities and what is being done to make steps toward positive change.

"BET is immensely proud to partner with Dwayne, Dany and David to bring 'Finding Justice' to our viewers," Mills said. "In this challenging time of divisiveness and inequality, it is essential that we highlight both the challenges facing African American communities and the people who are fighting for change. It is our hope that this powerful docuseries will engage and empower our audience to continue to fight against the terrible injustices that disproportionately affect our community."

Johnson took time from his whirlwind schedule and promotion of Rampage to share his excitement for this project.

"Seven Bucks Productions was built on the foundation of bringing diverse and influential stories to the masses," he told the site. "Which is why we're excited to partner with BET to bring these powerful stories of injustice from the African-American community to light. More importantly, with this series, we're pushing to create a platform that will enable healing, and inspire change on a global scale."

Garcia added that the partnership with BET was something that she had hoped to form for some time.

"We've wanted to partner with BET for a very long time, and with Finding Justice, we're able to expose, and uncover the injustices that occur to minority communities, every day in the United States," she said. "The heroes and change makers we showcase aren't always names our audience would be familiar with, but they are the heroes that are fighting for change every day, and we're thrilled to play a part in highlighting their journey and their fight."

Johnson and the Seven Bucks Production brand is also responsible for HBO's Ballers, this will be his first production with BET.