'Criminal Minds' Fans Aren't Ready for Tonight's Series Finale

Criminal Minds is officially coming to an end. The long-running crime procedural premiered on CBS back in 2005, and now the Season 15 finale will bring the story to a close on Wednesday evening. Considering that the final season only premiered last month, fans took to Twitter to find consolation along with their fellow viewers as they prepare to say goodbye to the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit.

"When you knew this moment was coming, but you're still NOT ready," tweeted out one fan.

Another called it "a very memorable 15 years of TV life of mine."

A third said that the show "got me through a lifetime. I can't imagine a world without it. Thank you for everything! Wheels up!"

Wednesday's two-part finale will also see a parade of actors turning up to reprise the roles they'd played during the show's long tenure. Some of the familiar faces will include Jane Lynch as Diana Reid, C. Thomas Howell as George Foyet and Michael Mosley's Everett Lynch, just to name a few.

The finale's first installment, "Face Off," will pick up one year after David Rossi (Joe Mantegna) nearly died at the hands of Everett Lynch, better known to fans as "The Chameleon." He has developed some new theories thanks to some ideas from his former partner, Jason Gideon (Ben Savage, another returning star), and rallies the BAU team for an epic hunt to capture Lynch.

Part two, "Andin the End," will follow a game-changing encounter with "The Chameleon," while Dr. Spencer Ried (Matthew Gray Gubler) suffers a brain injury that causes hallucinations, resulting in a revolving door of visits from the ghosts of his past. If that weren't enough, the BAU will also make a shocking discovery about Lynch that will reveal Rossi's complicated history with the serial killer.


Sadly, series alum Shemar Moore announced earlier on Wednesday via his Instagram that his mother, Marylin Joan Wilson-Moore, had passed away on Feb. 8 at the age of 76. In the caption, he lovingly called her his "best friend" and "partner in crime."

The two-part Criminal Minds series finale will kick off on CBS Wednesday, Feb. 19 with "Face Off" at 9 p.m. ET. "And in the End" will follow up immediately afterward at 10 p.m. ET. Subscribers to CBS All Access can also stream the episodes live.