'Chicago Med' Hostage Situation Leads to Sweet Will, Natalie Moment

Chicago Med's latest crisis might have thawed the ice around one of the show's most beloved former [...]

Chicago Med's latest crisis might have thawed the ice around one of the show's most beloved former couples.

Fans of the NBC medical drama have been brokenhearted ever since Dr. Will Halstead's (Nick Gehlfuss) stint as an FBI informant led to his tragic breakup from Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto).

The two doctors have seemingly moved on from the relationship, Natalie getting closer to Phillip (Ian Harding), even going on a few dates with the recent widower, while Will seems to be in a flirtation with his former FBI point person.

However, when it came to seeking his own safety during a hostage situation in the hospital ER, Will chose to stay behind and secure Natalie and the other doctors and patients' safety during "Never Let You Go."

The tension-filled episode featured Will, Natalie, April (Yaya DaCosta), Ethan Choi (Brian Tee), Connor Rhodes (Colin Donnell) and Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) getting stuck in the ER with a 17-year-old gunman who shoots down his girlfriend's father after he attempts to convince her to give their baby up for adoption without his consent.

Chaos ensued after the boy shot the man and held Sharon and the baby's prospective new mother at gunpoint, directing them to communicate with police as the hostage situation escalated.

Will made the conscious choice to not run from the area after seeing that Natalie was the doctor on the shooter's baby mama case and chose to stay behind as the doctors worked to stabilize unstable patients — which included Connor's father who was suffering of heart failure — and easing the boy's stress.

The drama escalated after the girl's labor progressed, but a complication called for the doctors to perform a c-section without the possibility of leaving the area to go to an OR.

As Sharon worked to negotiate letting some of the more critical patients out of the room to safety in order to keep them alive, she developed a bond with the shooter, promising she would keep him and his child safe despite police orders for her to get him to a spot where they could shoot him down.

Despite the difficult labor, the doctors and nurses were able to operate in the hybrid OR with Connor's help and safely deliver the baby. Things took a turn when the shooter decided he would take his son and his girlfriend out of the hospital immediately, risking their lives in the process.

At that point, Sharon took the baby and lured the man to the spot, knowing she was doing the right thing. After he was shot and killed, the hospital returned to normal, as the doctors dealt with the terrible day they had just had.

As Will left the hospital for the day, Natalie stopped him and thanked him for staying behind to help. Their conversation was interrupted by the FBI agent, who touched Will's arm in a suggestive way, which Natalie took as a hint that her former fiancé might be moving on from her after all. After she walked away, Will looked back at her.

Will Manstead find their way back to each other before season's end? Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.