'Chicago Fire' Teases Taylor Kinney Leaving Firehouse 51

At the end of Thursday's Chicago Fire, NBC teased a major departure and left fans with one huge question. Is Taylor Kinney's Kelly Severide leaving Firehouse 51?

The preview for the Jan. 25 episode, "Slamigan," shows an old family friend, Chief Grissom, showing up at the firehouse. Although the preview does not show Grisson offering Severide a new job, the NBC narrator asks the question - "Will another chief offer Severide a job he can't refuse?"

One scene shows Severide telling Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) that Grissom is the reason he became a firefighter. Grissom also tells Severide he wants to introduce him to some people.

Grissom is played by guest star Gary Cole. The prolific character actor is best known for Office Space, Talladega Nights and his role as Kent Davison on HBO's VEEP.

Kinney has not said before if he plans on leaving Chicago Fire, but IMDb shows that he is in the next few episodes. In fact, the episode description for the Feb. 1 episode "Law of the Jungle" shows that Severide and Casey (Jesse Spencer) will be working on a case together.

However, the end of "Foul is Fair" showed Severide clearly thinking out his position in Firehouse 51. Severide was working with Dawson (Monica Raymund) on the disappearance of a girl named Bria. When Dawson got a call from the morgue that a Jane Doe body matching Bria's description came in, Casey would not let Severide go with Dawson. The episode ended with a concerned Severide looking at the camera.

Kinney has played Severide on all four Chicago shows. The character debuted in Fire at the beginning in 2012. He has also been seen in Chicago P.D., Chicago Med and the short-lived Chicago Justice.

The idea of Kinney and Severide leaving Chicago Fire shocked fans on Twitter. However, one person is sure he will never leave.

This person needs a couple of cookies.

This fan is concerned about a rift building between Casey and Severide.

Just don't leave Severide!

Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC