'Charlie Brown Thanksgiving': Why People Think There's Cannibalism in the 'Peanuts' Special

To mark the start of the Thanksgiving holiday, PBS is set to air A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Sunday night (the special will also be available to watch via Apple TV+). While the special is beloved by many, it's not without controversy. One of those controversies ties back to Woodstock, as he is depicted eating turkey during the group's Thanksgiving dinner. The moment has become so controversial for some that they've even said that Woodstock is a cannibal for eating another bird during the feast. However, there's a particular reason why Woodstock wouldn't be considered a cannibal. 

The controversial scene in question involves Snoopy and Woodstock, who is seated at the table whilst enjoying a legitimate Thanksgiving meal (instead of the popcorn and buttered toast that the other characters ate). Snoopy begins to cut the turkey and then offers a plate to his friend, who gladly accepts the portion and begins to chow down on it. The scene typically stirs up a great deal of conversation on social media, with users questioning why Woodstock would be eating another bird.

Some of those users even went so far as to say it was an example of cannibalism, as one viewer wrote, "Watched A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on PBS Last night, at the closing scene, Snoopy and Woodstock ate Turkey and realized Woodstock is eating another bird and OMG Woodstock is a cannibal ........[laughing out loud]."

However, if you want to get technical about A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and Woodstock, the yellow bird isn't actually a cannibal. Since cannibal means that one would eat their own species, Woodstock isn't technically engaging in it, as he is a yellow canary and, obviously, not a turkey. So, viewers don't need to be concerned about Woodstock chowing down on his Thanksgiving meal. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving airs on PBS on Sunday. In case you missed it, the special is streaming on Apple TV+. In addition to airing the Peanuts' Thanksgiving special, PBS will also air A Charlie Brown Christmas in December.