'Blue Bloods' Season 11 Finale Airdate Revealed

The Blue Bloods finale airdate has been revealed. The popular CBS show plans on airing the season [...]

The Blue Bloods finale airdate has been revealed. The popular CBS show plans on airing the season finale on May 14, 2021. Although the show has been a hit since it premiered in 2010, it seems as if it's hit an all-time low in ratings to start 2021. The show returned early this month from a mini-break with 6 million total viewers and a 0.4 demographic rating.

Although these numbers are low for the show, Blue Bloods still sits with one of the largest audiences that Friday has to offer. The series also surpassed MacGyver, with 4.4 million viewers, and Magnum P.I., with 5.4 million viewers. Although Blue Bloods have seen lower numbers than normal, there are a few factors that play a role in that. COVID-19 has played a part, as well as, shorter episode orders for Season 11. The episode with record-low numbers also returned following a two week break, so that could have played a part too.

There were recent rumors that series lead Tom Selleck had gained around 100 lbs. and was struggling to walk, with an insider claiming that "lack of exercise, excess weight, and work stress could spell disaster and possibly lead to an early grave." However, the actor's reps were quick to shoot down any commotion regarding alleged weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle. "Tom has not gained weight," the source said.

"Please watch the show [Blue Bloods], and you will see how great he looks," the insider added to Gossip Cop. They did not go further into The Globe's claims that Selleck's "main source of comfort these days" was eating , or the claims that he "limps around and winces in pain" due to join inflammation. "His idea of a good time is barbecuing a side of beef and serving it with a buttery bearnaise sauce and spuds," the tabloid wrote.

It seems as though Selleck is drawing inspiration from his co-star Donnie Wahlberg after the actor left a hefty tip on Christmas Eve in 2020 to a waitress. Wahlberg is known for leaving big tips that stretch into the thousands from time-to-time and Selleck did the same thing. After leaving a $2,020 tip on a $204.68 tab, he wrote a heartwarming note along with it giving credit to Wahlberg being the inspiration. "For Elios, I am honoring my friend Donnie Wahlberg's 'Tip Challenge' with my sincere hope for a better 2020. thank you all," he wrote.