'Blue Bloods' Fans Freaked out When a Beloved Character Was Shot During the Fall Finale

The Blue Bloods midseason finale, which aired back on Dec. 6, featured a tense moment when Detective Anthony Abetemarco was shot by a criminal he was convinced would break another law after being released. As usual, his determination to see justice needed to be reeled in by A.D.A. Erin Reagan, but he still almost got himself killed. Fans were really shocked by the scene, which saw the impact of the gunshot push Anthony down a staircase.

In "Bones to Pick," Anthony (Steve Schirripa) was frustrated to hear that a man was about to be released on bail even though he could commit another crime. Erin (Bridget Moynahan) told him to back off, but he did it anyway. He stalked the man, catching him red-handed. Erin was angry about that, of course, and disappointed that he was not listening to her. It's not like they haven't been working together for years, after all.

Anthony kept following the criminal, much to Erin's chagrin. One night, he got into a fight with the criminal, and the fight ended with him being shot and tumbling down a staircase.

Thankfully, Anthony was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time and survived the incident with just a couple of bruises. Erin visited him in the hospital, where she gave him a stern talking-to and slapped him. Still, Anthony was right - the criminal was released on bail and he went back to his criminal ways. Now, the man could be arrested for attempted murder.

Fans were shocked by the shooting.

"Anthony be careful! My word! It ain't Blue Bloods with out you," one tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, "I thought Anthony was going to die, I would be very upset, I love Anthony and Blue Bloods.

"You had me on the edge of my couch when you got shot. I would've hit you too," another viewer wrote. "Lol."

Another wrote: "I literally screamed out loud!!"

"Everyone had a heart attack until the show came back from commercials," one fan chimed in.

"Bones to Pick" also saw a tense fight between Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan (Vanessa Ray) and Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes). The married couple fought over gender roles after Jamie acted unenthusiastically about being handed a list of errands to do. Eddie told Jamie that the male role models in his life were at fault for how he reacted. She later apologized for that and the story ended with Jamie giving Eddie a list of errands. Thanks to Eddie's mood swings, some fans theorized Eddie is pregnant.


Blue Bloods Season 10 returns on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET in 2020 on CBS.

Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/CBS