'Blue Bloods': Eddie Makes Surprising Admission to Jamie

In this week's episode of Blue Bloods, Jamie and Eddie's relationship took a surprising twist [...]

In this week's episode of Blue Bloods, Jamie and Eddie's relationship took a surprising twist after she made a shocking admission about how she sees their future family.

In "Strange Bedfellows, Eddie (Vanessa Ray) and Officer Rachel Whitten (Lauren Patten) tried to save the life of an infant. Eddie performed a Heimlich maneuver to loosen a piece of food she was choking on. When the baby began breathing, the father was gone. At the hospital, they learned the baby was doing well and she instantly connected with the baby. Whitten even called her a "baby whisperer."

The next day, Eddie was annoyed to see child services had yet to pick the baby up. Jamie (Will Estes) then showed up to tell Eddie they caught the baby's father, who had an outstanding warrant on a drug charge. Her mother is in court-ordered rehab upstate. Jamie understood why Eddie did not want to leave the baby behind, and offered to get her a soda.

After the family dinner, Jamie said he would understand if Eddie wanted to adopt the baby. But Eddie revealed she has no interest in having children. She is worried about bringing a child into a family of cops, reminding Eddie that two members of his family have died because of the job.

"I could see down that rabbit hole too," Jamie said. "But I'm not going in."

The next day, Jamie met Eddie at an animal rescue shelter to report that he found the baby's grandmother. Jamie thought Eddie was hinting at adopting a dog, but she just goes there once a month for some "unconditional love." Jamie said he liked the idea of taking a dog home, but only if Eddie was "100 percent on board." They agreed that, from now on, that will be how all decisions will be made in their relationship.

"Strange Bedfellows" began with Garrett (Gregory Jbara) and Gormley (Robert Clohessy) telling Frank (Tom Selleck) that cop killer Terrence Dean (Thomas Kopache) is up for parole. Frank was worried about how the cop's son, Scott Fuller (Howard Overshown), would handle this and offered to tell him what was going on.
Gormley later told Scott the news, and he was not happy about hearing that his father's killer could go free. Scott left looking like he was going to seek revenge, which Gormley was not happy with.

During the family dinner, Pops (Len Cariou) made it clear that Dean should stay in prison forever for killing a police officer.

Later Gormley asked Dean to withdraw his parole application, but Dean said he has lung cancer. He wants to see his son's daughter for the first time before his death. Gormley showed no mercy though, even reminding Dean his life will be in danger. But Dean still refused and said he could die a free man.

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Meanwhile, Governor Mendez (David Zayas) tried to get the support of a state police bill from Frank through Erin (Bridget Moynahan). Mendez reminded Erin that she promised to get her father's support in exchange for him signing an anti-sex crimes law. Erin brought it to Frank, who could see through the situation. He easily saw that Erin was selling the bill for Mendez and was disappointed that his daughter did not just go to him. Frank refused to endorse the bill, which centered on giving New York State Police a spot on the NYPD counter-terrorism board.

Mendez was not happy about that, of course. He threatened to let everyone else know that her promises were not worth anything. He told her she could get out of the situation if she goes over her father's head and talks to the mayor about it.

Erin later sought the advice of Pops, who asked her if the whole thing was worth it. She thought it was, so he told her to quit bitching about it. Erin said she was worried her reputation for keeping her promises would take a hit, but Pops said she should pin her reputation on spearheading the anti-sex crimes bill.

Mendez later stopped by Erin's office, where she told him she refused to talk with the mayor. She admitted she went over her head. He told her he just talked with her father, who endorsed the bill. They are now even.

"Until next time," Mendez said.

"There won't be a next time," Erin replied.

"Never say never."

Erin swept into Frank's office in anger. Frank said he got Mendez to back down on some key points in exchange for his support. Erin was confused, wondering why he wouldn't suggest that plan to her. He didn't want to make a deal just to bail his daughter out of trouble.

Frank said he got Mendez to keep the parole board from releasing Dean. Erin was not happy with this either, but she thought everything was square... until Frank said she owes him a favor.

In Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) and Baez's (Marisa Ramirez) story, they tracked down a petty criminal. A victim later identified the perp in a line-up, but the D.A. was not happy with it because Danny did not bring in an outside detective to conduct the line-up. Anthony (Steven Schirripa) told Danny and Baez the bad news, which Danny didn't take well as usual.

That night, Anthony told Danny the I.D. was tossed and the perp was released. Danny called Anthony a "square badge," which really got Anthony angry. Danny told him if the perp kills someone, it's on him. The next day, Danny and Anthony clashed while they tried to track down the criminal. Baez told Danny that Anthony needs to be the lead in the case if they want to get the criminal the right way.

Danny posed as a possible target for the criminal, which brought him out as expected. The crook punched Danny, pushing him into the garbage. The trick worked, so Danny and Anthony agreed to buy each other a beer and let bygones be bygones.

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