'Big Bang Theory': Wil Wheaton to Officiate Amy and Sheldon's Star-Studded Wedding

As Sheldon and Amy's wedding approaches, a new sneak-peek clip shows that Wil Wheaton will return to The Big Bang Theory, possibly to officiate the long-awaited nuptial ceremony.

Wheaton, an alumnus of Star Trek and a frequent guest star on the show, is mentioned in Entertainment Tonight's first look clip of the season 11 finale, which airs on Thursday, May 10. In it, Amy hangs up the phone, revealing that she was speaking to Wheaton.

"If you'd have told me as a child that an actor from Star Trek would be officiating my wedding, I would've said, 'Oh! William Shatner?" Sheldon joked.

The outlet also spoke to The Big Bang Theory's showrunner Steve Holland about the highly-anticipated episode. He said that the writers considered other pop cultural figures to officiate before settling on Wheaton.

"Well, when we were talking about the wedding, we were trying to think of who would officiate it," he explained. "I mean, obviously, it would not be a minister for Sheldon and Amy and then we thought maybe there could be some fun, science people who could do it, but then Will just seemed like such a good fit. He's a friend, so it would make perfect sense for him to do it, and for Sheldon, the chance to have someone from Star Trek to officiate his wedding, seems like a dream come true."

Wheaton has a long history on the beloved sitcom, going from a rival and even nemesis of Sheldon to a close friend. In the show's continuity, Sheldon held a childhood grudge against Wheaton after he failed to show up to a fan convention where he was scheduled to appear in 1995.

The two confronted each other is season 3, when Sheldon entered a trading-card game tournament for the sole purpose of giving Wheaton a piece of his mind. They had a few more contentious encounters before making up in season 5, where Wheaton even attended Howard's bachelor party.


Over the years, Wheaton became a mischievous minor character in the show, often popping in at least once per season to stir up trouble or help the main cast out of a jam. He's not the only Star Trek cast member to guest star, either. LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner and George Takei have all appeared in the show, while the late Leonard Nimoy recorded a voice-over for an episode before he passed away.

This week's season finale will be a monumental stepping stone in the Big Bang Theory continuity. The show is currently the number one sitcom on TV, and many expect it to end after season 12.