'Bellevue' Finale: Who Killed Sandy Driver... And Who Left Town?

Bellevue ended its first season by uncovering the heartbreaking truth behind its biggest mystery.

And with a major character leaving town, and the show's fate hanging in the balance, the bittersweet final moments give the series a dark and impactful ending.

Brady (Billy MacLellan), who in the previous episode confessed to murdering transgender teen Jesse Sweetland (Sadie O'Neil), died from being hit moments before he was going to shoot Annie (Anna Paquin). Annie's brother Adam (Patrick Labbé) comes out of the car and tells Annie she must understand him before they can talk and the mystery ends.

The police arrive after Adam runs away, with Eddie (Allen Leech) right behind them telling Annie he is leaving town with their daughter Daisy (Madison Ferguson), either with or without her.

Through a series of clues that put the lives of Tony (Vincent Leclerc), Father Jameson (Joe Cobden) and Mayor "Mother" Mansfield (Janine Theriault) in danger, Annie and the police find out that they were the ones who kidnapped and terrorized Sandy before she died.

Annie then realizes that Adam was the one who killed Sandy, but the fact he staged her death was a clue to his motives. She comes to the conclusion that her father killed himself not because he couldn't crack Sandy's case, but because keeping his son away led Adam to murder.

At Annie's house, Daisy is coming to terms with the idea of moving away when she hears a knock on the door. Adam tells her he's her uncle and Daisy, Annie's daughter, deduces he is the Riddler and lets him into the house.

Later, Eddie runs to Annie to tell him Daisy is missing. They both run to the woods where Adam used to leave Annie clues and they find one that leads further into the forest. Annie, with the help of Peter (Shawn Doyle), tells Eddie to stay behind as she must face her brother alone.

Annie finds Daisy at the site where the old shack stood before Peter burned it down. Adam quickly lets the girl go, leaving the two siblings to face off for the first time.

Adam reveals that the night of Sandy's death, Christmas Day, he had run away from military school to be with his family. But their father stopped him from coming in and told him he had to go away, as it was unsafe for him to be around Annie.

After the rejection, a heartbroken Adam runs to the woods and hears Sandy screaming from the shack. He lets her out and gives her his jacket to stay warm, and they immediately bond over being rejected and bullied by the people they love. Sandy then tells Adam to kill her, she removes her own fingernails and gives them to him so he can tell the world why this happened.

Adam reveals he was also meant to die that night, as he intended to hang himself in the tree in front of the family's home. But seeing his sister through the window convinces him the two are linked and he always has to be around her.

Shocked by the reveal, Annie tells him she cannot stay with him. He starts to strangle her and tells her to shoot. Annie shoots and kills Adam as Peter, Eddie and the police rush toward her.

Days later, Annie, Daisy and Eddie pack up her house. As they are ready leave, Peter stops by and tells Annie that running away will not make her forget what happened. He reveals he wanted to be the one to kill Adam but something he said stopped him from doing so.

Annie says she'd rather not know what Adam said to Peter, so Peter decides to just live with it.

The season comes to an end with a flashback to Peter and Adam's conversation at the church. Adam tells Peter he's been in love with Annie since she was young, and that he was just waiting for her to grow up to be with her.


In the present, Annie looks back at Peter one last time before driving away with her family, leaving Bellevue behind.

The series has not been renewed for a second season yet on WGN America.