'American Housewife' Ended on Major Cliffhanger Ahead of Cancellation

American Housewife fans got some upsetting news on Friday when ABC canceled the show after five [...]

American Housewife fans got some upsetting news on Friday when ABC canceled the show after five seasons. To make matters worse, Season 5 ended with some major relationship changes and a massive cliffhanger reveal. In fact, it might have been the biggest reveal ever on the ABC sitcom, which aired 103 episodes since its Oct. 2016 premiere. While the family comedy has seen status quo changes — ie. new jobs and breakups — nothing quite as life-changing has hit the Otto family like these latest reveals. Spoilers ahead for American Housewife Season 5, Episode 12, "The Election." (If you want to watch without being spoiled, you can catch up with the show on Hulu.)

The final episode of the season (and now the series) featured one engagement (well technically two) and a pregnancy reveal. The first engagement (which doesn't really count) was between the youngest Otto child Anna-Kat (Giselle Eisenberg) and her longtime pre-teen boyfriend Franklin (Evan O'Toole). Obviously, they're just kids, so it wouldn't be worth mention if it didn't inspire an actual proposal. In a surprise move, Trip Windsor (Peyton Meyer) asked the eldest Otto kid, Taylor (Meg Donnelly), to marry him. She, of course, accepted.

(Photo: ABC/Raymond Liu)

This grand gesture changes after a tumultuous season for the longtime couple, with the pair even breaking up to see other people. However, it seems like the American Housewife writers changed their minds, pushing the two back together in the Season 5 finale. While that would seem like a big enough finale moment, the ABC comedy topped itself with a reveal that came out of nowhere in the final moments.

In the last scene, the Otto family reconvenes in their family home, with Taylor breaking the news of their engagement. Parents Katie (Katy Mixon) and Greg (Diedrich Bader) are shocked by the reveal. Things then get worse when middle child Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) announces he's considering not going to college. After Greg lets out a loud "What the hell is happening?," Katie tops all the big news in a quick swoop by pulling out a positive pregnancy test. That's right, Katie is pregnant, and the Ottos are about to welcome a new baby.

However, it appears ABC viewers will not get to see this happen. ABC axed the sitcom, despite these plot threads left hanging. We'll just have to hope the Otto family lived happily ever after, complete with a new baby.

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