America’s Most Liked TV Personality Revealed

There are a number of television personalities who are well-liked, but there is only one who is the most liked.

After researching the Q Scores of a number of TV personalities, The Wrap determined that ABC World News Tonight anchor David Muir is currently the most-liked person on television.

Q Scores are measurement used by the entertainment industry that indicate the level of popularity a celebrity, or brand, has.

Muir, according to the new report, has a Q Score of 25, which is pretty high. NBC's Lester Holt comes in second place with 18, a whole seven points lower than Muir.

Back in 2014, Muir took over as the lead anchor on ABC World News Tonight when legendary journalist Diane Sawyer exited. He had previously been the shows weekend anchor.

In a previous interview with Variety, Muir actually spoke about the "competition" news anchors are increasingly facing, saying, "So many voices all day long. You get the news on your iPhone from the moment you wake up in the morning. People often talk about the dying evening news or the increased competition being bad for the evening news."

"I actually see it differently. I think, more than ever, we’ve all talked about this, people are looking for a place to cut through the noise particularly in this moment. To cut through the noise and at 6:30, hopefully they’re finding that," he continued. "I think the stakes are even higher, really, for the three of us that we do that."

"That we don’t waste peoples time and that we generally find a way to ask the questions that they’re asking all day long as they’re bombarded with all this information whether it be in a tweet or an email or an alert when they’re checking," Muir concluded.

Aside from Muir and Holt, several other high-profile journalist have earned high Q Scores, with Fox News' Chris Wallace being one of the most notable.

Wallace has an impressive familiarity Q Score of 31, which makes him one of the most recognizable faces and names in broadcast journalism.

The son of iconic American journalist Mike Wallace, Chris Wallace has been the host of Fox News Sunday since 2003, when he replaced the previous host, Tony Snow.


Prior to that, the well-respected anchor had been the anchor of the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News, a moderator for Meet the Press, and a chief White House correspondent.

Wallace also worked with ABC News and Nightline for many years, and was the senior correspondent for Primetime Thursday.