Jewel's Family Returns in 'Alaska: The Last Frontier' First Season 8 Trailer

Alaska: The Last Frontier returns for an eighth season next month, with the Kilchers back in action in the wilderness of the 49th state. In an exclusive clip, Jewel makes an appearance, telling her father Atz that turning a boat into his new home is a crazy idea.

The series follows the Kilcher family, who live on a homestead outside the city of Homer. In season eight, Atz will try to turn a boat into the family's first floating homestead. Singer Jewel is also back to teach her son Kase to the skills he needs to live on a homestead.

"This is life on the edge!" Atz says in the trailer.

The season picks up after several months of total darkness made it impossible for the Kilchers to explore their homestead. The warm weather gives them a chance to explore new Alaskan terrain and learn new skills. They also need to find more food, and it is up to Jane and Atz Lee to journey to Adak Island to find caribou. Otto and Eivin head off in a different direction to find fresh game on Red Mountain.

Levi, Otto's oldest son and Eve's childhood friend Tela also return to the series to help pass on the homestead upbringing to their new generation. Otto and Charlotte's livestock is also attacked by mysterious predators for the first time in the homestead's history.

Atz Sr. also finds an abandoned barge, which he wants to turn into a new floating homestead. He has no intention of keeping it in one place though. Instead, he wants the family to use it to travel around Alaska.

During the rest of the season, the Kilchers will face more unprecedented challenges and setbacks. Fans can see it all unfold when the new season premieres at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, Oct. 7 on the Discovery Channel.

Fans can also check out Jewel and her family during her Handmade Holiday Tour, which kicks off on Nov. 25 in Springfield, Missouri. Jewel is bringing along Last Frontier stars Atz, Atz Lee and Nikos, who will also meet fans who buy limited VIP Packages. The tour continues through Dec. 22.


"I am so honored to share some of the traditions I was raised with in Alaska on our family Homestead. Building memories by sharing handmade moments," Jewel said in a statement about the tour. "Creating unique gifts and sharing songs is a Kilcher family tradition we can't wait to share with others on this tour."

Photo credit: Discovery Channel