'9-1-1' Fans Get the Heart Emojis out After Surprise Wedding Season 2 Finale

9-1-1 fans had plenty of reasons to use heart emojis after the Season 2 finale ended with a surprise wedding between Athena and Bobby.

In "This Life We Chose," after Bobby Nash (Peter Krause) helped save Buck's (Oliver Stark) life and was reinstated as captain of the firehouse, he felt so excited that he rushed back to Athena Grant's (Angela Bassett) house. He asked her if they could get married right away. She agreed, and they headed straight to a courthouse to get tie the knot before a judge.

The scene had fans in tears.

In a post-show interview with TVLine, showrunner Tim Minear said he wanted the second season to go out on a high note.

"It's what I would have wanted as a fan. I wanted to go out on a hopeful note. I wanted to get rewarded with some of the things that were promised to me," Minear explained. If you look back at the end of Season 1, it's not dissimilar. In fact, it's a bookend. Bobby throws that book away and finally goes on a date — and holy God, it's Athena!"

Minear continued, "So this is the natural continuation of that, as well as a continuation of the way he proposed to her at Christmas. That all made sense to me. I also wanted to see Maddie come back to Chimney, and I wanted Eddie and his son to have a moment together. But it can't all be roses, so we left Buck having an existential crisis."

Minear said it was a "calculated decision" to have none of the other 9-1-1 stars at Athena and Bobby's wedding.

"It felt like the right way to do it, because it felt like a continuation of the mission statement of the show: First responders realize that life can change in a dime, and you can't always plan for it — so why plan for it? Just do it," he said. "The new configuration of the family is Bobby and Athena and Harry and May."

While things ended well for Bobby and Athena, Buck's future still remains a question. His leg will make it impossible for him to work for some time, and he fears no one will care about him if he can't be a firefighter.

9-1-1 will be back for a third season in the fall.


Photo credit: Fox