'90210' Alum Christine Elise Calls out Jessica Alba for Alleged No-Eye Contact Rule: She 'F—king Lied'

It may be 30 years since Beverly Hills, 90210 debuted, but drama around the series has continued on into present day. The latest controversy, for lack of a better term, comes after Jessica Alba claimed that she was told on set before to not make any eye-contact with any of the stars of the series. Alba appeared in two episodes during Season 8.

Christine Elise is the latest cast member of the show to come on the defense of the series and call out Alba's lies. Appearing on Beverly Hills, 90210 Show podcast, Elise said there's "it's a f---ing lie" and questioned whether or not Alba was "f---ing insane." She explained that the cast all got along and were very welcoming of any guests that appeared on each episode. Elise also wondered why after all these years and after becoming a "bazillionaire" Alba would feel the need to bring this up. The actress' original comments claimed that when she appeared on the show as a teenager she would told by someone on set that she would be thrown off set if she were to make eye contact with any of the stars.

On that same podcast prior to Elise coming on, Joel Feigenbaum denied that anything like that would ever happen, believing that maybe she misinterpreted a joke made by someone as being a fact. The director added that no cast member or member of production would ever tell a guest something like that.

Other members of the cast also spoke up, including Jason Priestley. On KISS 92.5's The Roz and Mocha Show, Priestley denied Alba's claim and said that "was never an edict that came down on our show." He did offer his apologies to Alba if she did in fact hear that from someone on set and adds he doesn't know what her experience was but nothing like that has ever come out before.

Likewise, Jennie Garth, who actually was in many of the scenes with Alba during those two episodes, said during her and Tori Spelling's podcast that she was never aware of anything like this happening. Both cast members did say they loved having Alba on set and felt she was "super talented" from an early age. In her brief time on the show, Alba played the role of Leanne in 1998. It was one of her first times appearing on television, her first being in The Secret World of Alex in 1994.