'Grey's Anatomy' Leaves Fans Weepy After 'Station 19' Crossover Ends With a Proposal

In one of the final moments in the Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy crossover Thursday night, Owen proposed to Teddy amid all the chaos following the car crash at Joe's Bar. He got down on one knee to present her with the ring he had been carrying ever since their daughter Allison was born. Now felt like as good a time as any for them to get engaged, and Teddy said yes.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) pulled Teddy (Kim Raver) into a side room and immediately got down on one knee. Teddy was shocked.

"I love you, and there's no perfect moment and I am not a perfect man," Owen said. "But the one thing I know for sure is... you're the perfect woman for me. So Theodore Grace Altman, will you..."

Before he could finish, Teddy interfered and said "no," which disappointed Owen. She demanded he stand up, and told him he is not obligated to marry her. "I want you to break the patterns, not reinforce them," she said, referencing his past with marriages.

"I'm not repeating a pattern," Owen said. "I'm starting a new one. Loving you. Loving our family with my whole heart, every day. That's my new pattern. I love you. I love you, Teddy bear. Marry me, Teddy."

The two kissed, and they announced they are getting married, while Tom (Greg Germann) looked on.

Meanwhile, fans pointed out that the father of Amelia's (Carerina Scorsone) baby is still up in the air. The baby's father could be Owen, but Amelia is with Link (Chris Carmack). In Thursday's episode, Amelia revealed the baby is a boy. In fact, one fan predicted the engagement could be a short one.


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Photo credit: ABC/Christopher Willard