'Blue Bloods' Star Vanessa Ray Teases Eddie and Jamie Expanding the Reagan Family Soon

Blue Bloods fans have been wondering when newlyweds Eddie and Jamie plan to expand their family soon ever since the couple finally tied the knot at the end of Season 9. Now that we are part way through their first full season as a married couple, that seems more like a possibility. In a new interview this week, Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie, could not confirm if they plan to start a family, but the characters are definitely in love.

"They are crazy about each other, but there's a lot they have to deal with and sort out," Ray told HollywoodLife of the relationship between Eddie and Jamie (Will Estes). "I'm the worst keep of secrets, so no, I don't know if they're going to start a family soon, but it's something they talk about a lot."

As Ray points out, Eddie and Jamie fell in love when they were both patrol officers. Eddie is still on the beat, but Jamie is now a sergeant and the two are working very different hours. Put it all together, and it might be hard for them to find time to expand the Reagan family.

"Eddie and Jamie fell in love being equals, and one or both of them would have to step back from a bit of their career that they love so much [when they start a family]," Ray explained. "There are days where they say, 'Yes, of course we're going to start a family.' And then there's days where she goes, 'I don't think I could give this up so casually.' It's interesting to see them play around."

In Season 10, Eddie and Jamie's stories often center on her struggles to fit in with the Reagan family. While Jamie is used to having his father around and siblings to share his problems with at the dinner table, that is all new for Eddie. Her father is still in prison for his involvement in a Ponzi scheme, and Eddie often lied for him when she was growing up. When she is around the Reagans, she can speak the truth, something she is not used to.

"I think that's difficult sometimes for her to not get to say everything she wants because she has to hold her tongue a lot of the time," Ray told HollywoodLife. "She doesn't relate to them. She doesn't come from their world at all."

There have been no obvious hints of Eddie becoming pregnant on the show, but the mid-season finale "Bones to Pick" inspired a few fans to read between the lines. Some theorized that her mood swings in the story she shared with Jamie was evidence of a pregnancy. The subject was not broached in the mid-season premiere "Where The Truth Lies," where much of Eddie's screentime was spent with Jamie's older sister Erin (Bridget Moynahan).


The next new episode of Blue Bloods airs on Friday, Jan. 31 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS