'Westworld': New Season 3 Teaser Trailer Reveals 2020 Premiere Date

Westworld has started to untangle its complicated web. The new trailer for the HBO series' upcoming third season actually lays out roughly when the show takes place, which appears to be several decades in the future, roughly around the year 2058. As Polygon noted, the trailer didn't have any new footage from the show itself, it did give a premiere date of March 15.

Throughout the first two seasons, Westworld spent much of its time inside the elaborate theme parks created by the Delos corporation, or inside its labyrinth of control rooms underneath the surface. It starts by citing a couple of real-world events, including the impeachment of President Donald Trump, before chronicling environmental and political collapses the world over in the years that followed.

Though light on actual footage, the teaser does clear up a lot of confusion about the show's backstory, which centers on a group of amusement parks populated by incredibly advanced androids, called hosts, that eventually gain consciousness before leading a violent uprising against its human visitors, also known as guests. The android's coup was kicked off during the first season finale and continued to play out through second two.

The first two trailers had already indicated that Westworld was going to expand its scope while revealing what life was like outside these elaborate playgrounds for the world's wealthy elite.

The first was released ahead of the Game of Thrones series finale, which focused largely on Caleb, a new character played by Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Only in the final seconds of the trailer showed any real connection to the larger narrative, when Rachel Evan Wood's character, Dolores, appears. The character, who'd been central to the host's plot, had escaped the park at the end of season two using the host body of Charlotte Hale, played by Tessa Thompson.

The second trailer, which came out during SDCC over the summer, some more plot points came to light, including Dolores' admission that her and the other escaped hosts were being hunted down after crossing over into the "real" world.

"We all have our role to play, there are machines in this world but not like us," she says in the trailer, cryptically as ever.


Westworld is based on the 1973 sci-fi/western flick of the same name, written and directed by Michael Crichton. The film utilized the same 'scientifically-advanced theme park that goes awry' premise that he later made popular with his novel-turned-mega-franchise, Jurassic Park.

Season three of Westworld premieres March 15 on HBO.