'Long Lost Family' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Greg Searches for His Birth Mother After Adoptive Mom Also Left


'Long Lost Family' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Greg Searches for His Birth Mother After Adoptive Mom Also Left

Wendy Williams Twitter Account Flooded by Angry Madonna Fans

Wendy Williams found a way to get under the skin of Madonna fans by taking a swipe at singer's performance during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

During Thursday's "Hot Topics" segment on The Wendy Williams Show, Williams gave a recap of Wednesday's ceremony. During one part, she praised Taylor Swift, especially for how much dancing she did in the audience.

"First of all, she practiced every single word of every single artist on stage and those cameramen knew to get her shots while she's showing love to her peers in the game," Williams said of the "Me!" singer. "She did more from her seat than most did on [stage]. Madonna, what happened?"

Later, Williams said Madonna, who is only six years older than Williams, "moves like an old lady... and if you move like an old lady then you should just stick to your old lady moves."

She continued, "Those stupid grills, and the patch over her eye," adding, "and she was sitting on the floor, and the dancers were dragging her around like a wet dishrag...like, eww.”

The Material Girl's fans did not ignore Williams' comments, and were quick to call her out for suggesting that artists like Swift and Cardi B had a better night than Madonna.

"[Madonna] was the best performance without a doubt! She did something amazing and out of this world! She showed all the others how [it's] done," one fan wrote.

"Madonna did great, and why would she keep performing 'the old stuff' she’s an ARTIST and she’s going to evolve and change throughout her career not go back," another chimed in.

"Madonna delivered the best performance. Outstanding woman who inspires and opens doors for others. Performance full of love and respect," another fan wrote.

"People in Glass houses shouldn't [throw] stones!!! I've seen you in a bikini and your body is so disproportionate it's scary! Madonna is no spring-chicken and although not her best performance, there's no need to be nasty," one fan told Williams. "Bitter much?"

Madonna performed her new single "Medellin" with Colombian singer Maluma during the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. The song is featured on her upcoming new album Madame X, which comes out on June 14.

Last month, Madonna shared a teaser video for the album, explaining where the title came from.

Madame X is a secret agent," the singer said in the clip. "Traveling around the world. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. She is a dancer. A professor. A head of state. A housekeeper. An equestrian. A prisoner. A student. A mother. A child. A teacher. A nun. A singer. A saint. A whore. The spy in the house of love. I’m Madame X.”


Williams' critique of Madonna comes as the TV show host has gone through personal turmoil. She is in the process of getting a divorce from husband Kevin Hunter.

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