'Saturday Night Live': Tina Fey Brings Back Sarah Palin Impression in Musical Sketch

Tina Fey brought back her iconic Sarah Palin impression during the Saturday Night Live season finale.

In a politically heavy episode, Sarah Palin (Fey) returns to the White House to wish the Trump administration well wishes while they're still at the top.

"It's me, the ghost of Sarah Palin," she said. "No, I'm just kidding I'm still alive, but you had to think about it didn't ya? Here's a refresher: I was the first female Republican to be on a Presidential ticket and now I get paid to tweet about Bass Pro Shop."

"Politics is a wild ride, one minute you're on top and then you're done in the blink of a scared hoochie..." she says before she breaks into song.

Palin is then joined by Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant).

"You've lasted longer in the White House than most," Palin says to Huckabee Sanders.

"Oh, I know but all my friends are gone... It's like Saved by the Bell: The New Class and I'm Screech, I'm still there for some reason," Sanders says.

When Palin asks her what would happen if she were done with the White House that day, and she alludes to a wishful future on Fox News.

"I did what he said to do and I might regret what he did for Trump, what I did for Trump," Sanders sings as the pair is joined by KellyAnne Conway (Kate McKinnon).

The ladies are joined by Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff (Fred Armisen).

"You are everywhere after you wrote that book 'Fire and Fury,' then you kinda disappeared didn't ya," Palin says.

"Well I'm going to be back because I wrote a book about Jared and Ivanka, did you know they're actually the same person? It's why you never actually see them together," he says.

He then breaks into song saying how he did what he had to do, as Palin introduces Stormy Daniels (Cecily Strong), who sings about her being remembered for her alleged affair with Trump.

Palin is then joined by Rex Tillerson (John Goodman), who confesses getting fired by Trump was the best thing that ever happened to him.

"I would work for Trump," Fey's Palin sings near the end of the sketch.


The sketch then welcomes Omarosa (Leslie Jones) who reveals Trump thinks he fired him, but she actually fired herself.

Saturday Night Live will return for its 44th season in fall 2018 on NBC.