How Long Have 'Roseanne' and Dan Been Married

Roseanne and Dan might have had a dramatic new episode, but they were celebrating a big landmark in their relationship.

Tuesday's penultimate season episode showed the heads of the Conner family were celebrating 45 years of marriage.

"So, are you guys doing anything special for our anniversary? You gotta do something, I mean 45 years, people get less than that for murder," Darlene (Sara Gilbert) jokes.

DJ (Michael Fishman) suggests his parents use their credit card points to book a stay at a hotel to celebrate.

"Yeah, you can stay in some nice hotel in the city for your anniversary," Dan checks his account to see how many rewards he has and finds out they have enough for a night at the Radford Suites and some rewards leftover for a large honey baked ham.

"Did I tell you it has a pool?" Dan (John Goodman) asks.

"Life if you ever had ham in a room you'd come out of there to swim." Roseanne says.

As excited as fans would be to see Roseanne and Dan's adventures in a hotel, the fan-favorite couple hits a snag when they arrive for check-in.

"The man asks for a credit card for incidentals, but the one Dan gives him is declined.

"Listen here my good man, we won't be getting any incidentals so you can just... skip that part," Dan says as he waves off the man.

"I'm sorry sir, I can't check you in without a credit card," The man announces. "It's just the policy of the hotel and every hotel in the world."

Back at the Conner home, Dan and Roseanne eat their ham to feel better.

"You know what? Screw that hotel," Dan says. "The two most important things about our anniversary are right here."

"Me and ham?" Roseanne asks.

"I was going to say liquor and ham but I'm happy you joined," Dan jokes.


Their anniversary celebration hit a snag however, when Roseanne mixes champagne and Vicodin and ends up too intoxicated to make sense. The day after, Dan confronts Roseanne about her possible issues with pills, which leads to a somber ending for the series.

The Roseanne season finale airs Tuesday, May 22 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.