Fox Upfronts: 'Lethal Weapon' Key Art Leaves out Clayne Crawford

Fox dished out a major snub to fired Lethal Weapon actor Clayne Crawford in their Upfronts presentation.

As shown in the Twitter photo from AdWeek TV Editor Jason Lynch, a Lethal Weapon graphic was shown with only Crawford's co-lead Damon Wayans displayed.

Crawford, who played Martin Riggs was officially fired last week after reports of outbursts on set of the cop drama surfaced earlier this year.

“It wasn’t our choice," Fox chairman Dana Walden previously said in a conference call. "Our partners at Warner Bros. came to us and said that they could not deliver the show as it was.”

On Sunday, Fox announced Sean William Scott was joining the series to fill the void left by Crawford's departure.

“I think we made the right choice,” Walden said. "[Scott brings] good new dynamic to the show with a lot of its original dynamic intact.”

As for Crawford's reaction to the firing, he has expressed gratitude for all the fan report he has received in recent weeks. He also shared well wishes to the Lethal Weapon team heading into season 3.

"To my cast and crew - CONGRATULATIONS on season 3! To the Fans - Thank you for the overwhelming support and love," Crawford wrote, including a photo from the set. "Riggs was a dream role and the experience will live with me forever. My heart is full. Good Luck [next] season!!"

Crawford had previously defended himself when reports of bad behavior on set surfaced. We acknowledged that he had been reprimanded twice since the show began, but claimed the incidents were minor and justified.

"It is true that I have been reprimanded twice during the past two seasons of Lethal Weapon," Crawford wrote. "The first reprimand was because I reacted with anger over working conditions that did not feel safe or conducive to good work under the leadership of a guest director and assistant director, who, in turn, were angry at my response. I met with human resources, I apologized for my part of the conflict, and I completed studio appointed therapy in October. I even shared a sizeable portion of my paycheck with one of the parties involved, per the instruction of the studio," he wrote.


He continued, "The second reprimand happened just a few weeks ago during the episode I was directing. An actor on set felt unsafe because a piece of shrapnel from an effect hit him. It was an unfortunate event that happened in spite of all precautions and procedures being followed. I take responsibility for the incident, because I was in charge of the set."

Lethal Weapon is slated to return this fall at the 9 p.m ET time slot on Tuesdays.