Jennifer Lopez Drags Sean Hayes in Hilarious 'Will & Grace' Cameo

After a few months of teasing, Jennifer Lopez made her comeback to Will & Grace.

The singer and actress shared scenes with Sean Hayes' Jack, criticizing his acting after he books a "lifeless" role on her NBC series, Shades of Blue.

Early in the episode Jack stops by Karen's (Megan Mullally) office after booking a guest starring role on the NBC police drama starring his "best famous friend forever Jennifer Lopez."

"Your best famous friend who hasn't spoken to you in ten years, changed her email, phone number and address, and returned the creepy fan art you gave her?"

"That's the one!" Jack reveals as they both cheer.

Later, on set, Lopez is seen in her signature look of Shades of Blue's Harlee Santos, shooting a scene where she shows a woman the dead body of her son.

A morgue attendant slowly reveals Jack as the lifeless body, but he interrupts the scene to reconnect with his old friend.

'Do you remember me?" he asks.

Exasperated, Lopez talks to unseen producers, "Why is the corpse talking? Whoever you are, you're a corpse so you shouldn't be talking."

They go back to filming and Jack continues to talk, trying to get Lopez to remember who he is. In one instance he tries to use a selfie stick to take a photo of himself and Lopez in the middle of the scene.

Later, they show another body and it's Lopez herself acting like lifeless.

"This is how you do it jackass," Lopez says to Jack.

"She knows my name!"

Before the end of the episode, Jack confesses to Karen he left the show due to creative differences.

"I wanted to stay and they wanted me to leave," he says to his friend.

The "Dance Again" singer previously appeared in three episodes of Will and Grace's original run as herself. She was in the final two episodes of the sixth season, when Karen (Megan Mullally) married Lyle Finster (John Cleese.)

Lopez had grown up with Karen's maid, Rosario (Shelley Morrison) back in the Bronx. At the wedding, she ended up singing "Waiting for Tonight," giving Jack (Sean Hayes) a chance to fill in for one of her back-up dancers.


Lopez came back for the season 7 premiere. Her performance on the sitcom was positively received, filled with self-deprecating gags and tricky comedic timing.

Will & Grace returns airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.