Alex Rodriguez Couldn't Stop Laughing During 'Saturday Night Live' Cameo

Former New York Yankee and Jennifer Lopez's beau Alex Rodriguez made a surprise cameo during a sketch on Saturday Night Live's new episode on Saturday night.

Rodriguez was joined by host Charles Barkley, playing himself, and Kenan Thompson as former football player (but not really) D.C. Timmons. Thompson kept arguing how much tougher football was than basketball and baseball but kept suddenly saying ridiculous things, calling both Rodriguez and Barkley "Greg" for some reason and thinking he was in a drive-thru ordering dinner.

While his former teammate Derek Jeter thrived as the Saturday Night Live host in the past, Rodriguez had a hard time keeping a straight face. And fans watching along at home loved him for it.

"A-Rod trying his best to keep it together on SNL," Sports Illustrated's Twitter account wrote.

"A-Rod can't stop laughing during this skit," one Twitter user wrote.

"A-Rod keeps breaking and it's absolutely hilarious," David Solkowitz tweeted.

"A-Rod was laughing during that entire skit and I don't blame him cause Kenan was hilarious," another user said.


"A-Rod still laughing through a sketch less than Fallon..." Dave Buchanan wrote, joking about how former cast member and late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon was notorious for breaking during skits.

"This wasn't one of the funniest episodes by any means, but it'll always hold a special place in my heart. It had everything: A-Rod, Charles Barkley making out with Kate McKinnon, lots of blown lines, Dan Cortese..." @D.C. Universe wrote, parodying Will Forte's famous Weekend Update character Stefon.