Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

'Chicago Fire' Fans Relieved After [Spoiler] Survives Jump

Chicago Fire fans breathed a sigh of relief during Thursday's episode, since both Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Severide (Taylor Kinney) both survived the dramatic jump at the end of the previous episode.

chicago fire severide survives
(Photo: Elizabeth Morris/NBC)

Thursday's episode, "The F Is For," was the first new episode since "Law of the Jungle" aired a month ago. At the end of that episode, Casey and Severide jumped off the roof of a chemical plant with fire exploding behind them. The dramatic image cut to black before we saw if they survived. Both of them did, of course, although it took Severide a little bit of time to get back on his feet. He suffered a concussion after landing.

"The F Is For" picked up right after the previous one ended. Casey was found first. Severide was spotted second, and appeared to be floating unconscious. The rest of the firehouse team rushed into action, with Kidd (Miranda Rae Meyo) getting lowered into the river to pluck Severide out of the water. It did not look good, until Severide started coughing. "Where's Casey?" was the first thing he said. Kidd and Severide shared a hug.

"What were you two thinking?" Kidd asked.

"We weren't!" Severide said.

Fans were so excited to see them both survive.

The two, who renewed their friendship after going through a rough patch in previous episodes, both went back to work as soon as they could, despite Boden's (Eamonn Walker) protests. Their heroics also caught the attention of the media, so Boden let a photographer shoot the day-to-day lives of Firehouse 51 firefighters. That turned out to be a bad idea.

Since Severide's mentor, Chief Grissom (Gary Cole) arrived on the scene in a January episode, Severide had been growing tired of his position at Firehouse 51. Grissom has tried to get Severide to question Casey's authority as the captain. At first, Severide is reluctant to the idea, but his faith in Casey as a leader was tested in "Law of the Jungle," when they clashed on how to save a victim. Later, Severide got a commendation for his efforts, and thought Grissom was behind it, so he turned it down.

During the dramatic final moments of "Law of the Jungle," when Severide and Casey had to put their differences aside to give the other firefighters enough time to rescue everyone inside, Casey revealed that he was behind the commendation. They had not chance to hut it out though, since they had to keep a valve closed together. When they let go, it exploded, forcing them to jump into the river.

Thankfully, tonight we learned they both survived and the status quo is back at Firehouse 51.


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Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC