'Chicago Fire': Did Severide Leave Firehouse 51?

Last week's episode of Chicago Fire teased a possible departure, with Severide (Taylor Kinney) reuniting with a mentor. In "Slamigan," we find out if he took the new job.

Spoiler alert: he did not leave Firehouse 51. Meanwhile, Dawson reached the end of Bria's case.

The episode kicked off with Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) checking in on a dead body to see if it was Bria. It was not, but the girl had Bria's stuff, which was strange. The girl was a known criminal, according to Dawson's brother, Det. Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda). Antonio decides to give Dawson the girl's address so she can continue her investigation.

Later, Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Brett (Kara Killmer) are still talking about Zach (Daniel Di Tomasso). Brett told Zach about how great Kidd is, which Kidd couldn't believe. There's also hints of tension between Severide and Casey.

Dawson follows up on Antonio's lead, with Brett helping. They tell the girl's brother Aaron (Sebastian Chacon) about her death. Aaron has never heard his sister mention Bria. They had a fight, and she just took off. He thinks his sister went to a shelter nearby. Maybe that's where she picked up Bria's stuff?

Brett and Dawson are called to a woman's apartment. They find the woman with her hand stuck in the garbage disposal and it will not stop running! They save the woman, who keeps complaining about her ring getting ruined. She gets a good talking-to from Dawson, who tells her there are people with terrible lives. That's what's really unfair, not that she got a ring ruined.

At the firehouse, Severide arrives to find his mentor, Chief Grissom (Gary Cole) talking with everyone else. They exchange pleasantries before he meets Boden (Eamonn Walker). Grissom tells Boden he wants Severide for a charity dinner. Outside the break room, Grissom asks Severide seriously, why he hasn't returned to his firehouse. Severide jokes about needing to stick around to annoy Boden.

Suddenly, while the other guys are having fun, Bria (Quinn Cooke) shows up at the firehouse. She tells Dawson not to tell anyone she was there. Dawson tells Casey she wants to be Bria's legal guardian until her dad gets better. Casey agrees to let her spend the night at their apartment.

Bria and Severide share a moment. Severide tells her about his own father's issues. His father never got better, but Severide tells Bria that her father is different. "You're a smart kid, you know that," he tells her.

Severide and Boden talk about Severide's relationship with Grissom. Boden sees it in his eyes, that Severide might leave his firehouse.

Zach and Kidd go on their first date, and she asks a long list of questions. After that's over, they clearly have some chemistry.

Grissom and Severide have a beer, and Severide realizes that Grissom is a little worried. Severide is not as far along in his career as Grissom hoped. The conversation did not end well.

Severide comes home to find Kidd with Zach, before he can finish asking if she wants to go to the charity event with him.

Dawson and Casey run into trouble trying to get legal guardianship of Bria. They have to re-apply to be considered good foster parents again. Even after a surprisingly impassioned speech from Casey, nothing is guaranteed. Thankfully, she is approved and Bria can stay with Dawson and Casey. Severide hears the good news, and gets a thank you hug from Bria.

The great moment is interrupted by a fire (since they do surprisingly fight a fire at least once per episode). Kelly takes the lead in the situation, but a sudden explosion makes it difficult. Zach tells them there is enough chemicals inside to level an entire block if they catch fire!

Thankfully, Cruz (Joe Minoso) and Brett have been working on their "Slamigan" device during the rest of the episode. It comes in handy to save the day during the fire. Now that it has been tested in a real-life situation, they know it works. Brian (Yuri Sardarov) tells Cruz it would be a disaster if he started dating Brett.

Severide congratulates Casey on how the Bria case turned out. When Severide gets home, he convinces Kidd to come to the charity event.

At the charity auction, Grissom apologizes for his behavior the other night. He offers to introduce Severide to important people. Severide turns him down, but Grissom gives him a speech about how he can help his career. Grissom leaves Severide to spend the night with friends.

Dawson and Casey managed to get Bria in to the rehab center to meet her dad. There is an emotional reunion, and Dawson thanks Casey for helping. Casey thought Dawson was drifting away by getting invested in Bria's case. Dawson apologizes, but Casey says he will always be there for her. They kiss, and that's the end of the episode.

The preview for next week's episode shows that Severide is not leaving... yet. It teased a conflict with Casey in the future.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Morris/NBC