[Spoiler] Killed on 'Jane the Virgin'

During Friday night's episode of The CW's Jane The Virgin, there was a big, shocking death that changes the show's future. Anezka, Petra's twin sister, was found dead!

At the very end of "Chapter 70," Petra (Yael Groblas) walks into an office at the Marbella, where she finds Anezka (also played by Groblas) hanging from the ceiling. However, the narrator tells us that Anezka didn't kill herself.

So if it wasn't a suicide, who killed Anezka? There are plenty of possibilities, as TVGuide points out. Her evil mother, Magda (Priscilla Barnes), has shown that she's not afraid of killing her daughter to save her finances.

Carl (Graham Sibley) might have done it, while Rose (Bridget Regan) might have wanted revenge after Luisa (Yara Martinez) was institutionalized.

Anezka first appeared on the show in Chapter 39, which aired in April 2016. She was revealed to be Petra's long-lost twin. She was married to Scott (Wes Armstrong), who is also now dead. (Although Mashable thinks there's a way for him to come back and be revealed as Anezka's killer.)

In a 2016 interview with Vulture, Groblas said she based her performance of Anezka on her cats.

"To be bluntly honest, Anezka is kind of based on a few of my cats’ character traits," Groblas explained. "So I’m a cat lady, like, seriously. I’ve always had at least four cats. I’ve had cats since the moment I was born. I had a cat like rolled up in my crib with me when I was baby. So you learn a lot from cats — this is so funny, but it’s true — and their mannerisms."

"[Jane showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman] was saying that Anezka has got personal-space issues: Somebody approaches her, she kind of leaps back, yelps backwards, and scratches or something like that. That fit right into that category for me. And so a lot of her voice, her yelps, her scratches, her body language, I call it 'getting the fear.' So she gets the fear sometimes, you know? She’s based on a few of my cats," Groblas continued.

Jane The Virgin is now in its fourth season and airs on The CW on Fridays at 9 p.m./8 p.m. CT.