Woman Puts Fidget Spinners on Her Nipples Taking the Trend to a Weird New Level

While the fidget spinner was originally invented to help children stay focused in school, the toy has become one of the more popular weird trends of 2017 with even adults obsessing over the top-like toys.

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And thanks to a recent UCLA graduate, the fidget spinner trend has reached a new, weird and decidedly adult level.

As reported by Glamour, 22-year-old Manuela Torres-Orejuela took to Twitter to share her own fidget spinner-related invention by posting a video of herself demonstrating pasties made from the toys.

See The Video Here

"[Hi] everyone I have been working on something that absolutely no one asked for," Torres-Orejuela captioned the video. In it she wears pink and green fidget spinners on her nipples, the devices proving to be fully functional and rotating.

Torres-Orejuela, who calls the creation Fidgetiddies, said that her inspiration came from her use of fidget spinners for her own anxiety as well as a passion for body positivity.

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"I have ADHD and anxiety so the toy genuinely brings me peace and joy," she said. "I even decorated my graduation cap with fidget spinners for my UCLA graduation last month and it was a big hit with kids. Since I used Velcro to make the spinners stick on my cap, I ended up playing around with other places to stick them. Since I am a gender studies major and a vocal body positive feminist on my social media, it came naturally to me to put them on my breasts as an ironic and playful way to subvert patriarchy."

Torres-Orejuela followed up her initial video with a tutorial of how to make the pasties. She also said that she is willing to make custom Fidgettiddies for those who would prefer not to DIY the devices themselves.