Watch: Man Angrily Addresses Florida Council Meeting on COVID-19, Wearing Masks 'Like a Mad Dog'

Many have spoken their mind about the COVID-19 pandemic and the coronavirus guidelines that guided the country in recent weeks. As infection rates begin to skyrocket and deaths are sure to follow, some are still questioning the need for masks, quarantine, and many other things put on the backburner during the pandemic's opening moments.

In Fort Pierce, Florida, a St. Lucie County public comment session got rowdy as the debate raged over declaring the wearing of masks mandatory. Not everybody was on board, especially this gentleman who refused to be "muzzled like a mad dog."

"I will not have my health destroyed because you idiots can't read truth. You go along with the lies of the people who are trying to take down our freedoms and destroy our country. This is sick," the man said. "And I will not be muzzled. It's time for us to stand up for our freedoms cause if we stand back and let these pieces of crap handle our freedoms, we will have nothing left. In fact, we'll end up being dead."

Many agreed with the gentleman in the video and can be heard saying amen and verbally supporting him as he spoke. Others went in the opposite direction, pushing for the mask order to be approved. According to CBS 12 News, The St. Lucie County Commission held this special meeting to discuss the mandate. It would require "face coverings be worn in certain circumstances to slow the spread of COVID-19, particularly in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain."


"Hundreds of citizens have contacted me regarding this issue over the last couple of weeks and the overwhelming majority have been in favor of a mandatory order with a very spirited minority in opposition," one of the members said at the meeting. Mayor Greg Oravec of Port St. Lucie also added on Facebook that other mandatory orders were passed and lawsuits against them were found to be without merit.

Those in opposition were also well represented at the meeting. A man who was for wearing masks during the pandemic made his stance clear to those refusing to wear the mask. "I see any of you without mask on I will personally call the police on you, just so you get that fine," he told the group.