Virginia Chick-fil-A Is Giving Away Free Food in Exchange for Coins

To combat the national coin shortage, a Chick Fil-A in Virginia is doing a little bit of bribing with their famous chicken sandwiches to help fix the problem. Located in Lynchburg, this particular location will be doling out free sandwich coupons for anyone who can donate $10 or more in rolled coins.

The donation will be exchanged for cash and all free sandwich coupons. Patrons will only be able to take advantage of the opportunity on July 29 between 9-11 a.m. While this is the only location in the chain to have resorted to this promotion, other stores have done similar events to bring in more coins. A handful of 7-Eleven stores have rewarded customers who hand in $5 worth of coins with free Slurpees. Across the country, many smaller stores are urging their customers to use exact change due to the lack of coins.

On July 23, the United States Mint shared a statement about the problem that has arisen as a result of the coronavirus. Urging everyone that they need help, the Mint notes that the issues have popped up as consumers have grown worrisome of contracting COVID-19 by using coins and cash to pay, instead opting for cards or digital means to make transactions. It warned that “until coin circulation patterns return to normal,” there’s a chance retailers will be unable to accept cash transactions. When the coronavirus first hit, the Mint cut back on its employees hours and didn’t return to full capacity production until mid-June. At full speed, the Mint can produce 1.65 billion coins per month. The statement concluded by saying, “As always, and especially during this challenging time, the Mint is committed to supporting our Nation’s economy and commerce through the production of circulating coinage.”

With the coin issue coming to the forefront, it doesn’t appear to be getting better anytime soon. The country finds itself amid an ongoing outbreak in COVID-19 cases, including a handful of states setting records in number of positive daily cases. Florida, which has become the latest epicenter of the virus, reported its highest number of deaths in 24 hours on Tuesday while the country as a whole surpassed 4.3 million infected total throughout the course of the pandemic. Perhaps another means to reinvigorating the economy and potentially aiding the coin shortage is the potential for a second federal stimulus, and with it, another round of $1,200 checks, that will help to promote spending.