TRENDING: Chinese Swimmer Shatters Period Taboo In Hilarious Interview

Next time you decide to skip the gym because Mother Nature has decided to take an extended and unpleasant visit, think about Chinese Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui.

Fu has already made a splash in the blogosphere and Twittersphere for her lovable interviews and goofy facial expressions, but her candid comment Saturday night after competing in the 4x100-meter relay takes the cake.

When the interviewer from CCTV saw the 20-year-old swimmer doubled over in pain, she asked: "Your stomach must hurt a lot right now?"

fu yuanhui
(Photo: CCTV)

"My period came last night and I'm really tired right now," Fu responded. "But this isn't an excuse, I still did not swim as well as I should have."

fu yuanhui
(Photo: CCTV)

Fu's honesty is quite refreshing, and a reminder that even seemingly superhuman Olympic athletes can't schedule their life around their periods.


Olympians: They're just like us!

You can check out the full interview here.

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