This Triplet Dad's Genius Parenting Hack Goes Viral

It's every mom's dream to have a partner as smart and helpful as Jake White. The stay-at-home Ohio father of triplets proved his genius to wife Jen once and for all by solving the fiasco of backseat battles.

White, who has a background in fine arts in sculpture, put his skills to work and invented a parenting hack we think could earn him millions. He built a set of dividers between each car seat to stop his triplets — Xavier, Stella and Jude — from fighting over snacks.

He took the kids on a drive that included putting them to the drive-thru test.

"The guys there said they wished they had tried it and to let them know how it works out," White said. "Guys, driving was so peaceful."

He shared a photo of the peaceful scene on his Facebook, which has since gone viral with over 3,000 shares:

"I did it because there was snack-stealing going on and to a 2-year-old, that's the end of the world," White told TODAY Parents. "The dividers are foam core, just strong enough to keep the kids separated. The kids aren't strong enough to break it from a seated position yet."


We like your style, Jake!

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