Teen Sends Photos of Dying Girl to Friends After Boasting About Sexually Assaulting Her

A man in Washington allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl as she was dying from an overdose.

Brian Roberto Varela, 19, of Lynnwood, Washington was arrested Tuesday, Feb. 6 in connection to the rape and murder of 18-year-old Alyssa Mae Noceda, the Herald Net reports.

According to court documents Noceda had gone to a party on the night of Saturday, Feb. 3, where she allegedly met up with Varela and returned to his mobile home with him. It was there where the teenagers are said to have begun taking narcotics, with Noceda eventually falling unconscious after overdosing.

At some time during the night, Varela reportedly sent a group message to his friends with images showing a semi-nude, unconscious Noceda with swollen blue lips. "[Laugh out loud] I think she od'd, still breathing," he allegedly wrote. He also used a slang word for sex and suggested that he had been engaging in sex with the unconscious teen in order "to pass the time."

Verala's roommate told authorities that he had last seen Noceda alive at 9 p.m. Saturday night, but on Sunday morning, Verala had shown him the teen's body and asked for help. He also alleged that Varela told him that Noceda had taken multiple drugs.

The roommate told him to call police, Varela instead left Noceda's body in his room as he went to work at Dairy Queen, where he told one of his co-worker's about Noceda. The co-worker, who later found a post from the girl's mother on Facebook, said that Varela boasted that he had sex with Noceda as she was dying. He also is alleged to have told her that he wanted to take the teen to a hospital, but he had been "too tired."

Snohomish County sheriff's deputies discovered Noceda's body stuffed into a black crate in Varela's bedroom. Varela later revealed that he had cleaned the body in an attempt to wash away DNA. He also alleged that he had intended on burying the crate with her body in it and that he had disposed of her phone at a nearby construction sight. Investigators also discovered that Varela had used Noceda's thumb to access her Snapchat and post a message to make people think that she had run away.


Varela is being held on $500,000 bail.