Stimulus Checks: How to Check If You Qualify for a Second IRS Payment

As Congress prepares to reconvene and begin discussions on what could be the final relief package amid the coronavirus pandemic, would you be eligible for the potential second round of stimulus checks? Although details regarding the next relief package, including those of any further economic impact payments, have yet to be disclosed, remarks from lawmakers have offered some close as to who will be eligible to receive another direct payment.

According to CNET, should Congress opt to pass a broad second stimulus payment, some people who were not eligible to receive a payment under the CARES Act could be eligible to receive a payment this time. The outlet reports that such a relief package could extend eligibility to individuals who made less than $99,000 annually according to the adjusted gross income from their 2018 or 2019 taxes. It could also include college students, dependents over 17, disabled relatives, and a taxpayer's parent, groups that had been ineligible for the first round. Stimulus payments could also go to up to five members of a family, SSDI recipients, and people who are not US citizens and file tax returns, pay taxes and otherwise comply with federal tax law using an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) instead of a Social Security number.

However, not everyone is keen on considering a broader package, with some instead believing that a more restricted eligibility mark is the proper way to go. While some have proposed offering back-to-work bonuses instead of stimulus checks, others, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have suggested setting the income cap at $40,000, meaning anyone making over that amount annually would not be eligible to receive a stimulus check. Such a proposal would leave 20 million Americans who were eligible for an economic impact payment under the CARES Act unable to collect a second payment.

This proposal has already proven controversial. Responding to it, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said during a July 9 press conference that she was unsure of "where the $40,000 came from." She added that she believes "families making over $40,000 probably need assistance, depending on their situation."


Ultimately, Americans will have to wait to learn if they are eligible until Congress passed a package, which may or may not include another round of stimulus checks. Currently on recess, the House and Senate are scheduled to reconvene on Monday, July 20, which is when they will begin negotiating a deal. It is expected that an effort will be made to pass legislation by Friday, Aug. 7.