Nancy Pelosi Goes After Republicans for 'Pausing' Stimulus Bill Discussions

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put the Senate on blast for pausing any further discussion about a second stimulus check. In a press conference on Wednesday, Pelosi cited the millions of Americans who are wading through a global pandemic, record-high unemployment and overall financial insecurity while decrying their decision to "pause" discussion until June.

"We must test, it's essential. We must trace, it's essential. We must treat, it's essential," Pelosi began. "The Republican leaders in the Senate think we need a pause. I don't think the virus is taking a pause. I don't think hunger's taking a pause, I don't think job insecurity is taking a pause, I don't think paying your rent takes a pause. We don't need a pause. We need action."

Pelosi's remarks come just days after the U.S. House of Representatives passed The Heroes Act, which would guarantee another one-time $1,200 payment to citizens and another $1,200 per claimed dependent. While some have criticized the bill for not going far enough, particularly as a recurring payment is gaining increased support, none of the proposed measures will be moving forward until the Senate reconvenes.

Joe Biden has similarly criticized the Senate for the decision, which was announced by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell back on May 19. "We're in the midst of the worst economic crisis in our lifetime, and Senate Republicans continue to delay relief for the American people saying, 'I don't see the need right now.' Unbelievable," Biden tweeted on Saturday. "We've got to take back the Senate this November." However, the presumed Democratic nominee has received plenty of criticism himself over his lack of support for a recurring stimulus payment.


A monthly stimulus check has been in conversation for months now, with Representatives Ro Khanna and Tim Ryan first introducing The Emergency Money for The People Act. Additionally, Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Ed Markey have brought the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act to the Senate, which would enact similar measures. Currently, The Heroes Act has been the only one passed by the House, though its chances of getting signed into law are uncertain.