Skydiving Santa Crash Lands While Attempting to Deliver Presents

A skydiving Santa in Florida proved that the big man in the red suit needs Rudolph to help lead his sleigh.

On Dec. 2, George Krokus suited up as Kris Kringle and took to the sky to hand deliver Kristoff, an Elf on a Shelf doll, to a 9-year-old-girl attending the Tampa Bay Beach Bums Operation Santa Volleyball Tournament. The stunt didn't go as planned, though, and Krokus and Kristoff crashed into a tree before landing, Bay News 9 reported. Both Krokus and Kristoff were whisked away to the hospital, both suffering from broken legs.

But Kristoff wasn't willing to miss out on the annual Christmas celebration this year with Madison Spiers, the 9-year-old girl. The Elf on a Shelf doll managed to get a note to the little girl to explain his absence.

"So I heard that your buddy G was helping Santa deliver gifts to the Beach Bums Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament. I am always up for an adventure – I hopped a flight with him to come see you," the note from Kristoff reads. "As we were about to land this big tree jumped right out in front of us! Don't worry though…now G and I are resting in this hotel that they keep calling a 'hospital'! G has reservations for a few more days, going to hang out with him so he doesn't feel lonely!!"


Krokus and Kristoff are expected to make full recoveries, and the Spiers family is looking forward to resuming their Christmas festivities when Kristoff returns.